Saturday, February 02, 2008

PA Property Tax Elimination Must Pass For All or None

All of this politics surrounding so called property tax "elimination." These representatives can't put in simple words what the public wants. Elimination of property taxation, period. doesn't matter if the property tax is used to fund schools, county government, or municipal government.

It all must go because it is unfairly, and not uniformly applied. There are exemptions for some and not for all.

These same representatives can look us in the face and think they're just going to sweep the principles involved in that unfairness off the table. 'Don't let them.

Contrary to what has been suggested by state Representative Timothy Mahoney, we cannot have piecemeal property tax cuts, or only certain segments of our taxpayers having the total elimination of "school" property taxes.

The elimination of property taxes must be for all taxpayers, and the tax elimination must apply to school, municipal and county taxes.

Tax plan scuttled
By Kori Walter, For the Herald-Standard
Updated 02/02/2008 12:38:44 AM EST

HARRISBURG - Two days after abruptly ending debate on proposals for cutting or eliminating school property taxes, state House Democrats on Friday ditched one of their most comprehensive tax-shifting packages.

The move deepened an already bitter stalemate over the Republicans' desire to eliminate school taxes for only lower-income senior citizens without raising state taxes and the Democrats' push to lower levies for all residential homeowners and farmers by increasing the state sales and income taxes...

...Mahoney was among the Democrats who supported the Perzel plan along with 98 Republicans.

"We have to address this property tax issue one way or the other," he said. "If we have to start with segments of the population, so be it."

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