Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Beltway Boys: Establishment Candidates Cheering Team

Everywhere they go, the Beltway Boys have been stumping for the two "Eestablishment" candidates, Hillary Clinton and John McCain.

They did it again on Fox 'n Friends. Mitt Romney has a "long way to go." McCain will take the winner-take-all states coming up like New York.

so already, the pair are kissing Romney goodbye.

Others have done the same, yet in some of the Super Tuesday states, like huge California, Romney is points ahead in the polls than McCain.

Mike Huckabee just looks like he's plugging his book along the way, gaining notoriety, ka-ching, ka-ching. He's got Chuck Norris on his team, but has anybody noticed what little Norris actually has to say when speaking, while he's quite wordy in his columns for World Net Daily? Wonder if Norris uses a "ghostwriter?"

Sean Hannity is guesting on the morning Fox program.

Martha, or whoever, says: The national polls show McCain is the candidate who can beat Hillary Clinton.

Right, Martha, keep telling the voters out here she's the one, and McCain is the only one to beat her, and maybe the people will believe.

It's the same with those dismissing Barack Obama.

Hannity shocks: "anybody can beat Hillary."

Hannity says he is voting for Mitt Romney.

"A vote for Huckabee is a vote for McCain, or half-a-vote," says Hannity.

So what's McCain about

McCain voted for the stem cell research, according to Romney says Juan Williams to Megyn Kelly...


"How the Media Frames Political Issues"
By Scott London


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