Friday, February 22, 2008

CNN Newsman: All Hat No Cattle Jab

CNN newscaster reporting the day after the Democratic Debate held in Austin said he was enjoying the travels around the country in the CNN Campaign Bus - stop by when you see us, he offered. (Avi Velshi)

Asked about whether he wore boots to go along with his large cowboy hat, he said well, you know you have to wear the boots, the whole getup or you're all hat and no cattle as the expression goes.

Initially, we thought his comments were a jab at Hillary Clinton's "plagiarism" accusations against Barack Obama and internet turnaround buzz that some of Clinton's words during the debate were borrowed.

According to February 22, 2008 Clinton faces claims of borrowed language

SEN. CLINTON: Well, I have said that about President Bush, and I think our next president needs to be a lot less hat and a lot more cattle.

On CNN's American Morning programming (Monday, February 25, 2008), Avi reported from the CNN CAMPAIGN bus elsewhere in the country. He made a reference to Kieran Chetney's challenge - he said - to be more cattle than hat.

Obviously, though, Chetney was aware of Hillary Clinton's remark during the earlier Austin debate.

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