Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bloated Voter Registration Lists: Problem Leads to Fraud

C-Span broadcast

Senator Robert Bennett (R-Utah)

Made the comment during hearing Wednesday of the Senate Rules & Administration Cmmittee considering Senate Bill (presented by Mr Whitehorse (chaired by Diane Feinstein) on issues of robocalling and vote caging.

Bradley King Indiana testified 1 in 4 of the mailings returned as undeliverable - sent a card to update voter registration. The effort was run by the state.

Startling one in four are possibily inaccurate opens a huge opportunity for vote fraud and stimulating orgs like ACORN...

Advancement Project Judith Browne-Dianis National voter registration act is sufficient allows for two election cycles to keep people on the rolls and then doing the voter registration maintenance... should be left to officials to do this job.

Sen. Whitehouse answered questions as the committee wrapped up its hearing.

S.2624 - A bill to regulate political robocalls.
Sponsor: Senator Feinstein, Dianne (introduced 2/12/2008)


Rules and Administration Committee holds a hearing, "Protecting Voters at Home and at the Polls: Limiting Abusive Robocalls and Vote Caging Practices." Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, Rhode Island Democrat, and North Carolina state Attorney General Roy Cooper testify. Location: 301 Russell Senate Office Building. Contact: 202/224-6352

Feinstein, Dianne U.S. Senator, D-CA
Bopp, James Jr. General Counsel, James Madison Center for Free Speech
Cooper, Roy Attorney General, D, North Carolina
Davidson, Chandler Professor Emeritus, Rice University, Public Policy
Whitehouse, Sheldon U.S. Senator, D, Rhode Island
Dakin, Shaun Founder and CEO, Citizens for Civil Discourse, National Political Do Not Contact Registry
King, Bradley Co-Director, Indiana, Election Division
Browne, Judith A. Co-Director, Advancement Project

`Robocall Privacy Act of 2008'

States try to silence robo-calls
Automated recorded political phone calls targeted by state and feds
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