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Hillary Clinton: Maggie Williams Billing Records

Anybody out there remember the name Maggie Williams in connection with Vincent Foster's office, and Rose Law Firm's missing billing records???

The Whitewater Paper Chase
Published: February 17, 1996

About Hillary’s ‘35 years of change’
By Hill Truth | The Hillary Project

Honesty: Hillary’s Glass House
By Hill Truth | The Hillary Project
Cattle futures. The New York Times revealed in March 1994 that in 1978, just before her husband became governor, Hillary had made a $100,000 profit on a $1,000 investment in highly speculative cattle-futures contracts in only nine months. Hillary's first explanation (through aides) of this extraordinary windfall was that she had made the investment after "reading The Wall Street Journal" and placed all the trades herself after seeking advice from "numerous people." It was so preposterous that she soon had to abandon it. Eventually, she had to admit that longtime Clinton friend James Blair had executed 30 of her 32 trades directly with an Arkansas broker.

In an April 1994 press conference, Hillary denied knowing of "any favorable treatment" by Blair. But the astronomical odds against any financial novice making a 10,000 percent profit without the game being rigged led many to believe that Blair, the outside counsel to Arkansas-based poultry giant Tyson Foods, must have put only profitable trades in Hillary's account and absorbed her losses. The heavily regulated Tyson needed friends in high places, and Bill Clinton helped it pass a 1983 state law raising weight limits on chicken trucks.

Removal of Vince Foster documents. During the same press conference, Hillary was asked why her then-chief of staff, Maggie Williams, had been involved in removing documents from the office of Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster after his suicide. Foster had been a partner of Hillary's at the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, Ark. "I don't know that she did remove any documents," Hillary said. But it was reported three months later that Hillary had instructed Williams to remove the Foster documents to the White House residence. Then they were turned over to Clinton attorney Bob Barnett.

Once Upon a Time in Arkansas

Peter Boyer: But, Professor, what possible motivation, why would these papers, these billing records, be kept away from the authorities that were seeking them?

Viet Dinh: We really do not know the motive for concealment, which we can only guess as to why were they concealed by what they reveal. And what they reveal is the extent and nature of Mrs. Clinton's involvement and work in the Castle Grande transaction. Without the billing records, we would not have the full picture of the Castle Grande transaction as we now know.

As a matter of fact, the FDIC and the RTC inspector generals had concluded their investigation into the Rose Law Firm's representation of Madison Guaranty in August, 1995, at around the same time the billing records were discovered in the book room by Carolyn Huber. And they had concluded that investigation. They reopened that investigation in 1996, after the billing record surfaced, and now they have access to it. And it's only after this subsequent investigation, the reopened investigation, do we know the full extent and nature of, one, the fraudulent transaction underlying this whole land deal, and also Mrs. Clinton's involvement in facilitating, or drafting up documents, that facilitated the concealment of this fraudulent scheme.

Tom Fitton
Clinton Gang Rides Again
July 02, 2007 02:00 PM EST

Public Dramas, Private Toll for First Lady
By Bob Woodward
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, June 14, 1999; Page A1

This is the second of three excerpts from "Shadow: Five Presidents and the Legacy of Watergate." Copyright © 1999 by Bob Woodward, Simon & Schuster.

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