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Ohio Everest Report Voting System Controversy

ACLU Challenges Ohio’s Unequal Voting Technology
Posted on Monday, 21 of January , 2008 at 10:41 pm


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Voting machine maker sued by Secretary of State
Oakland Tribune, Nov 20, 2007 by Lisa Vorderbrueggen

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Friday, December 21
Conflict in Cuyahoga


County receives new high-tech, disabled-friendly voting machines
Friday, March 17, 2006
By Jim Reece

The new equipment includes 40 new Automark voting machines that help disabled voters; 40 new Election Systems & Software Co. Model 100 vote tabulation machines; and 40 new, sturdy metal ballot boxes...

...The ballot is inserted, then buttons are used by the voter to enlarge text or to activate the reading of the ballot by the machine's computerized voice.

The robot- sounding voice can also be speeded up or slowed down for the voter's preference. The voter goes through the ballot and selects the way he or she wants to vote. When finished, the Automark prints the votes cast by the voter onto the ballot, which then scrolls back out of the machine. The ballot then is fed into the new ES&S 100 ballot tabulator, which reads the ballot and codes the selections onto a computer disk. The ballot then falls through the machine, into the ballot box.

Allen then demonstrated the sensitivity of both machines, by marking an "over vote" on a test ballot. The ES&S tabulator recognized the over vote and gave the voter the option to submit it as it was, which would not count, or to take the option of revoting. He said that state election law allows the voter up to three ballots, in the event corrections are needed.

The Automark assistive voting machine also recognizes when a ballot is fed in with marks already on it, and notifies the voter.

6. Optical Scanners Provide Over-Vote and Under-Vote Protection

Once voters complete their ballots, they insert them into the precinct-count optical scanner. Over-voted ballots are rejected, and the voter gets a fresh ballot. Under-voted ballots produce a warning, and the voter gets the opportunity to correct the under-vote by marking any unmarked races unintentionally left blank.

After a ballot is successfully completed and accepted by the optical scanner, the votes on the ballot are counted into the scanner's memory, and the scanner deposits the ballot into a locked ballot box.

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