Thursday, January 10, 2008

Global Wind Cause of Rhino Virus and Our Colds and Sniffling

Yes. Finally, a pharmaceutical company that has identified after billions of dollars spent on research and development, largely consisting of taxpayers' donations, the reason for the season of American snifflings and colds.

The "rhino" virus. Yes. Unable to be tracked and considered as an effect on the yearly seasonal colds for some 25 years, Global Wind, caused by all the talk about Global Warming, primarily occurring some length of time yet to be known when United Nations affiliated and funded scientists gather in remote places where the rhinoceracses still reign, and additional late last year talked about who will be Presidential frontrunners in this year's United States elections, has finally been scientifically connected to the "Rhino Virus" which causes our seasonal colds and flus over here in the United States of America.

No other country in the world suffers through the Winter Cold, otherwise known as a mask of the true status of Global Warming, caused primarily by manmade "gasses" and animal exturciations if that is the proper way to phrase, and man's breathing and sometimes breathing more than their fair share of the air, and women's breathing, too, though not so unfairly much, and animals and man's, not women so much as they rarely go a hunting and have to go there, oh wait that's the anti-global warming groups' argument - manmade global warming is caused by man's use of fossil fuels which produces CO2 gasses - no other country globally in the entire world suffers through the season that's supposed to be cold and more often than not, is, than Americans - whether citizens, or not, illegal aliens, or not, or visitors from another country, or not.

Even visitors to the United States during this time period who never get a cold in their own countries invariably get a cold when the visit the United States, most often more than not New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Columbus, Minneapolis, North Folk, and even Los Angeles (strong winds from the East blow back on Los Angeles during this time of the year, sometimes these strong winds are called El Ninja), and other north-and north-eastern cities such as those in New Hampshire, Maine.

And if you look at a map of the United States and pick out all of the larger than others cities here, you will find the same statistics every year no matter the city. Rural areas are affected as well, sometimes these are called towns and bergs.

Virtually every single place that has an American federally-funded highway going through it sees the same thing happen year after year after year. A large amount of people, no matter if they are residents, citizens, illegal aliens, or visitors from another country, get a cold this time of year.

Even though New Hamshire temps broke a hundred-plus-year record for highest on this Winter-season date, evidence of Global Warming caused by CO2 emissions largely from the United States, people over there where the rhinoceroses reign, had gathered at some time prior to this month of January, and they talked about Global Warming and our Presidential races. That caused the Global Wind which we are now exposing and that caused the Rhino Virus which has just been identified as the cause of our colds and flus over here during this time of the year, and beyond.

The effect of Global Wind has this one effect the spread of the Rhino Virus.

Not until now this very day has this cause of the seasonal colds been identified.

Now we know the physical demonstrations in public all across these cities - in rural areas it doesn't matter - of humans never covering their mouths when sneezing - which is evidence of a cold, are caused by Global Wind over there where the rhinoceraces live and where scientists the globe over gather right before the time of the flu season here and over long days in long meetings talk about us over here, over there.

This year, they are additionally talking about our Presidential races and the candidates who are seeking support over there over here, everywhere, in the form of campaign contributions.

Rhino Virus caused by Global Wind which blows across the United States after United Nations delegates and others meet over there to talk about us over here.

It happens. It has happened, and it will happen again and again.

This is an expose unlike any other you will read anywhere else.

Global Wind Rhino Virus. Global Wind Rhino Virus. American Cold and Flu season.

The connection has finally been made. Why is this just now being discovered? Read on.

Zicam - a product produced by a major pharmaceutical company - is the solution to its - the Global Wind's - end result - the Rhino Virus - which causes seasonal cold. So says the ad that is running during this time on every network channel, even Fox News, just before coincidentally, perhaps, or conspiratorially to some, there is talk about either of the now frontrunning presidential candidates from the two major political parties battling it out, Hillary Clinton and John McCain.

Zicam's ad only included info about the Rhino Virus. We have dug deeper to determine where did the Rhino Virus originate. Has to be where the rhinocerosies still live, and that isn't here in the United States of America where we invariable get these seasonal colds.

The spread of the Rhino Virus from over there to over here. How does that happen. We have dug deep to determine since it comes from over there to over here and it's this time of year and the United Nations delegates and others invariably meet to talk about Global Warming just before the cold season over here starts - there is a connection between their talking about us all the time over there - at this time of year - and the spread of the Rhino Virus.

Digging deeper we found the charts and graphs on the internet that show Global Wind happens this time of year moreso than other times of the year.

Yes. We have found the truth here at Net the Truth Online. OUr everyday of the week efforts to do so have paid off.

Think about it. The Rhino Virus. We never ever heard of this cause of our colds and flus until this year of the Presidential Races after the Iowa Caucuses where the now two frontrunners, Hillary Clinton (liberal Democrat) and John McCain (mixed moderate Republican and liberal Democrat) won big in Primaries just held in New Hamshire.

Scoop time: Watch for Clinton and McCain to mention identification of the Rhino Virus and Zicam as the clear result of their senatorial efforts while in the Senate to fund just such studies with your hard-earned taxpayer dollars. No hidden earmarks were used. Why would they vote to use earmarks to fund such a great results-getting solution to our colds caused now we know by the Rhino Virus caused by now we know Global Winds. No, they used the clear budget process to help get this product, Zicam, on the market.

So it sounds like Spycam, don't be confused. That's a different issue for a different time as we are still tracking who funded that whopper.

They plan as President and Vice President, order to be determined, to continue their successful funding which resulted in this successful result of finding the Rhino Virus causes our colds initiated by Global Wind.

The Rhino Virus. Global Wind. Maybe if we here in these United States spread the truth, talk about what the two major frontrunners are supposed to be talking about rather than crying like a girl and hehawing like a cowboy there will be a reversal of the prevalance of colds at this time of year here in the United States.

Think about it. If we talk enough about what these two frontrunners really stand for, women who cry at the drop of a sad story and men who hehaw like football players when they win, we could balance the Global Wind effect from over there and the Rhino Virus will have to go somewhere else, preferably over there.

Then, these two frontrunners will have to talk about than their funding of research and development for pharmaceutical companies such as the one that produced Zicam that outed the Rhino Virus caused over here by we now know Global Winds from over there.

Oh, but hey, what happens next year during this time of year. We better keep talking about everybody and everyone just talk and talk and talk about who they really are before and after they win in these elections in a massive effort this time of year which will be next year, but you get it, to reverse the Rhino Virus caused by Global Wind from over there.



Scientific Study Reveals Zicam™ Cold Remedy Reduces Duration of Common Cold by an Average of 75% by Michael Hirt, M.D., Sion Nobel, M.D., Ernesto Barron, B.S.


Editor's Note: The ENT - Ear, Nose & Throat Journal (ENT Journal), a professional peer-reviewed medical journal, published the results of an independent scientific study on Zicam™ Cold Remedy, a revolutionary over-the-counter homeopathic cold remedy, in the October 2000 issue. In this study, entitled "Zinc Nasal Gel for the Treatment of Common Cold Symptoms: A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial," Zicam™ Cold Remedy reduced the duration of the common cold by an average of 75%.

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