Thursday, January 31, 2008

PA: Stall on Property Tax Shifting Right Direction

Exactly what should have been done - shelve the tax-shifting plan called school property tax "reform." During PCN live coverage of the state House debating Rep. Sam Rohrer, R-Berks County proposition, a fellow Republican stumped the sponsor of the bill on some key but little noticed effects the legislation might have.

Asked about different scenarios applying to the status of the self-employed who might seek the advice of counsel regarding setting up a business, Rep. Rohrer was hard-pressed to be able to come up with definite answers.

Right there, when the legislation's sponsor can't adequately answer a series of intricate questions about his/her bill, it's time to can the bill.

State House halts plan to nix property taxes
By Brad Bumsted
Thursday, January 31, 2008
HARRISBURG -- House Democrats on Wednesday temporarily shelved a plan that would eliminate school property taxes and give the Legislature two years to come up with a funding solution.
"We're going to pull back and focus on negotiations with Republicans who want to get something done on property taxes," said House Democratic Policy Chairman Todd Eachus, a Luzerne County Democrat. The House recessed for the remainder of the week and will try to forge a deal next week.

Whether a replacement for property taxes is identified now or in a few years, the change will likely be a shift to sales and income taxes, said former Allegheny County Chief Executive Jim Roddey.

"We won't get (total) relief for taxpayers. We might get a shift in taxes," he said.

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