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Nevada: Every Single Vote

Update: Clinton and Obama share the spoils! Each gained nearly identical amount of delegates. Fox News reported 13 delegates for Obama, and 12 for Clinton. Update: Even with the AP report Clinton, Obama split Nevada spoils, we remain unsure whether Clinton actually received the majority of the so-called popular vote. It seems Obama took more of the caucus precincts, thus giving him the edge in the number of delegates received for the national Democratic Party convention.

Update: McCain wins S.C.; Clinton, Obama split Nevada spoils
Democrats Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama split the spoils in Nevada caucuses marred by late charges of dirty politics...

..."This is one step on a long journey," Clinton told cheering supporters in Las Vegas. She captured the popular vote, but Obama edged her out for national convention delegates at stake, taking 13 to her 12.

Obama issued a statement that said he had conducted an "honest, uplifting campaign ... that appealed to people's hopes instead of their fears."

From earlier reports during the day, Obama took the rural areas. MSNBC had a map showing in blue Obama's reported wins. They took up virtually the entire state with the exeption of a slice in the middle.

It was odd not many were talking about this more in depth. Wolf Blitzer seemed puzzled by the difference in blue for Obama and red for Clinton.

Projected to win by 4 points Hillary Clinton was called as the winner by Fox News... back about 4 PM. At that time, it appeared the spread of votes between them was some mere 100 to 400 "votes" hand-votes as it's a caucus of voters and that's the way they do things in Nevada now.

We tagged the race a "house" race because of all of the controversy surrounding a plan that had been reportedly agreed upon last March by the state Democrat party which included accomodating shift workers at the casinos. A lawsuit was presented by namely the state Teacher's Union (which backed Hillary Clinton.)

From NBC's Mark Murray
Per Reuters, "A federal judge Thursday allowed Nevada's Democratic Party to conduct voting to choose a U.S. presidential nominee in casino hotels on the Las Vegas Strip...

Reportedly, former president Bill Clinton visited the state caucus day and had been reported to make the rounds with voters to the casino areas, or wherever.

Mid-day reports and headlines reflected only the Clinton "victory."

As the evening wore on, reports on Fox News began to provide more details than we ever knew.

The Democratic Party's winnings are distributed proportionally.

Earlier, on Hardball, it appeared everybody was giddy, including Chris Matthews, that Hillary had won one that was clearly controversial. Coming to the discussion panel in the last moments of the segment, a spokesman for the Obama campaign said at the end of the day, it's the delegates that make the difference.

Onward to the next primary for the Democrats, South Carolina...

We wondered why the man wasn't given more time by Matthews. Now we know.

Matthews is fighting his own battle to not appear he's been trashing Clinton all along. He had to make this one seem like a biggie, or hey, he may have gone the way of who's that guy...

Map shows blue for Obama huge wins. Very little clinton largest county however tipping toward her (Clark County)

Think we'll hear any calls for a recount of hand-votes in Clark? Haha. Or a check of any of the voter registration signees who just registered today... in some areas, Bill Clinton could be seen accompanying caucus voters...

Yeah, we're gonna go in the room and vote for Hillary, Bill, count on it...

Tracking when CNN finally puts up its transcripts for the day of January 19, 2008

Fox News Megyn Kelly provided statistics and percentages analyzing women, voters who believed the economy was a major issue, seniors, union vote... Obama won the black vote, Hillary the Hispanic vote...

Little notice that former President accompanied voters to the caucus site...

At the end of the day, it appears Obama and Clinton are heading into South Carolina neck and neck. The Nevada situation shows the split and the spit, uh, spirit...

See Drudge Report

LUCK BE A LADY: Clinton Wins Nevada Caucuses...

[But Obama Wins More Delegates]

Jan 19, 7:23 PM EST
Nev. Caucuses Over, GOP Night Continues
AP Special Correspondent

Democrats Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama split the spoils in the Nevada caucuses Saturday night...She captured the popular vote, but Obama edged her out for national convention delegates at stake, taking 13 to her 12...

Delegates how selected,_2008

Green Papers State-by-State

Voter ID required by Dem Party at caucus?


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