Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bill O'Reilly Factor: Supremes review Voter ID

Megyn Kelly summarizes. Citing Indiana.

What is the downside of having somebody prove who they are

it's disenfranchising poor, elderly who have hard time getting to local area to obtain them, says the ACLU

There are people who can't obtain the id, but they can go to the polls on election day, says O'Reilly.

Kelly says the Surpreme Court is leaning to this is not a burden...

Megyn says she believes the ids would cut down on voter fraud. The Democrats say this isn't happening at an alarming rate, or at all. How do they know. It's hard to track.

Well, obviously Megyn didn't read our analysis where we provided links to articles about those students who double voted at the state University in-person, and by absentee ballots sent to their home state.

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