Thursday, January 03, 2008

Hillary Clinton Her Slipperyness Part 100 K look into my mouth

What a doozy of a quote by Miss Take Me or Leave Me Hillary Clinton on a stage usually used to auction cattle in Iowa. Fox 'n Friends picked up on the comments, but surprisingly, Steve Doocy, the more humorous of the anchors, made absolutely no fun of her remark, which surely should go down in history as the most quoted quote second only to "it depends what the meaning of is, is" made by her husband, former President of the USA.

Seriously now folks, who could vote for a woman who stayed with a man who cheated on her innumerable times solely for the goal of attempting to make a run herself for the presidency some day. Even if by some stretch of the imagination a misguided majority of voters put her in the White House, who on this earth actually doesn't believe she will kick Bill out next day?

She's already playing the game right in your faces. She's made the statement if she doesn't come in first place in Iowa she's advising her supporters there to vote for Edwards over Obama as she'd do better afterwards with Edwards in the lead than Obama.

Well duh, if Obama comes out first in Iowa that's a clear message that the Clintons are simply not acceptable enough to a Democratic base that wants a clear liberal as their candidate and not someone who makes statements like "look into my mouth."

What a gaffe. A Youtuber already picked up on the image that evokes. Really, diehard Clinton supporters need a wake up shot - one that will make them take a second look - shake their heads - and wave bye bye bye.

Taking the Lead: After years of counseling Bill, she is now in charge
By Sally Bedell Smith
Dec. 31, 2007-Jan. 7, 2008 issue

At a recent campaign stop at an Iowa livestock auction, Hillary Rodham Clinton told voters, "I know you're going to inspect me. You can look inside my mouth if you want." It's not often that a candidate for president issues such an invitation, but Clinton is doing whatever she can to emphasize that she can withstand scrutiny of her long experience in politics. For months she has been saying that her years as First Lady give her an edge over the other candidates, making her "ready to lead from day one."

Is Hillary Clinton truly as "experienced" as she makes herself out to be—and is the experience she gained as First Lady the kind that matters in choosing a president? The answer is not to be found by looking inside her mouth. But it is worth taking another look inside the eight years she spent in the White House.

New York Observer
Hillary, 'Pumped,' Tries a New Look in Iowa
by Jason Horowitz | December 17, 2007

...After disembarking from what her campaign is calling the “Hillicopter,” Mrs. Clinton mounted a stage built around a pen used for auctioning livestock, and covered with bunting and bags that said “Beef: a Steak in the Future.” The smell of livestock was overpowering.

It could have been awkward, but to Mrs. Clinton’s credit, she played right along.

"I've been to cattle barns before and sales before, in Arkansas, but I've never felt like I was the one that was being bid on," Clinton told the crowd in the auction barn, many of whom wore cowboy hats. "I know you're going to inspect me. You can look inside my mouth if you want. I hope by the end of my time with you I can make the case for my candidacy and to ask you to consider caucusing for me."

Buffalo News

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