Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Movement National Popular Vote Score 2

Electoral college bypass approved by 2nd state
'Current way to elect president no longer serves America well'
Posted: January 15, 2008

A second state has approved a plan that would bypass the U.S. electoral college, giving the presidency to the winner of a national popular vote.

The move came this weekend when New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine signed legislation that specifies the state's 15 electoral college votes would go to the winner of the popular vote.

Maryland, with its 10 electoral college votes, earlier approved a similar plan. Both are contingent on enough other states approving the plan to provide absolute control over presidential elections.

Another state plan also is headed for the desk of Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich after lawmakers approved it just days ago.

Opponents say the plan threatens the nation's republican form of government and would give unstoppable control over the White House to any coalition the major population centers would choose to create.

It would allow New York City to outvote much of the Midwest; Los Angeles could determine the course of a national agenda for the Pacific Northwest...

Criticism of National Popular Vote Movement continues at Net the Truth Online. Beware.

Beware national popular vote.

A spokesman for that organization was a guest on today's C-Span. Unfortunately, there was no representative of the other side of the issue, and the guest dismissed any opposing view and references to the founding of our country as a "republic" not a democracy.

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