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Lowenstein responds to Velvet Revolution

Professor Daniel Lowenstein Quoted on San Diego Election Scandal

Democrat's claim of grand jury probe riles congressman
By Philip J. LaVelle
October 23, 2006

emails harrassment charged by Lowenstein follow the story as it unfolds thru emails

I also got a personalized e-mail from Mr. Lowenstein:

"You should be aware that I (and many of the other people you are harassing) am not a member of the commission or its staff. I agreed to be an "advisor" in the event I could provide assistance at some point.
In exchange for that modest offer of assistance, I have more than once this year been besieged by malicious and/or thoughtless people like yourself who, sheep-like follow the instructions of an unquestionably malicious organization that calls itself "VelvetRevolution." Thanks to you and others like you, I have received several hundred identical e-mails, going on a thousand. These have overloaded my e-mailbox, creating serious impediments to doing my work.
Thanks to you, I will certainly not volunteer my services in a similar manner in the future. Petitioning the government is perfectly fine. Electronic assaults on individuals you do not know is not. You are
morally responsible for engaging in this conduct without taking the slightest precaution to ascertain what you are actually doing. Best, Daniel Lowenstein UCLA Law School "...

Daniel Lowenstein teaches Election Law, Statutory Interpretation & Legislative Process, Political Theory, and Law & Literature. A leading expert on election law, he has represented members of the House of Representatives in litigation regarding reapportionment and the constitutionality of term limits. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the award-winning theatre troupe Interact and regularly brings the company to the School of Law to perform plays with legal themes, such as Sophocles' Antigone, Ibsen's Rosmerholm, and Wouk's The Caine Mutiny Court Martial.

Professor Lowenstein worked as a staff attorney at California Rural Legal Assistance for two and one-half years. While working for California's Secretary of State, Edmund G. Brown Jr. in 1971, he specialized in election law, and was the main drafter of the Political Reform Act, an initiative statute that California voters approved in 1974, thereby creating a new Fair Political Practices Commission. Governor Brown appointed Professor Lowenstein as first chairman of the Commission. He has served on the national governing board of Common Cause and has been a board member and a vice president of Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights.

Professor Lowenstein's textbook, Election Law (1995), appears to be the first text on American election law since 1877. He has written on such topics as campaign finance, redistricting, bribery, initiative elections, political parties, commercial speech, and The Merchant of Venice...

reference to Lowenstein work

Brad blog comments lists Baker/Carter Commission members, consultants

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