Sunday, January 21, 2007

Fantasy legislature

It's a game, fantasy legislature. Bob Collins, Minnesota Public Radio. a guest on Sunday's Fox News programming...

Track and follow actual legislation in the state, that's interesting. Presidential shares have been done before, you trade stock in candidates.

Let the Games Begin! Minnesota Fantasy Legislature off to grand start
by Kat Eldred January 12, 2007

Fantasy Legislature

OK, Soooo what. Let's just get Congress and our state legislatures to follow the actual Constitution and state Constitution. When they don't they should get a dime off their salary. When they attempt to pass an unconstitutional bill, a dollar should come off their tabs paid by the taxpayers.

In no time, their salaries will be down to zero. They'll shape up real quick with a game like that.

Hey that is a good game. We could do that virtually in Pennsylavania, retroactively starting with July 7, 2004 when the PA General Assembly not only voted themselves salary increases, but took the increases in the form of unvouchered expenses.

They'd all start at minus whatever their base salary was and including the amount of the unvouchered expenses most of them took. Let's see if they can work themselves up to any salary in the next months by passing constitutional-based legislation.

For starters, an open records law that applies to themselves. They could earn back their entire starting salaries with that one action.

In the meantime, Gov. Bill Richardson D-NM setting up presidential exploratory committee newsbreaking today.

Yesterday, it was Senator Hilary Clinton

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rvnewsleter said...

A lot of stuff about the MFL didn't get on the show, of course, but the idea is that only about a dozen or so "issues" ever get covered by mainstream media, and then -- especially if you watch the Sunday TV talk shows -- about 10 lawmakers get any coverage. Every Sunday, same ones, over and over...just shuffling around the various shows.

MFL is intended to provide a little more coverage of -- in Minnesota's case -- 2,000 bills and 201 lawmakers.

Folks can have fun, and learn something too. Win -win.

Net the Truth Online said...

Thanks for posting on topic, too.

I agree with your point about the non-coverage and lacking coverage in the so-called mainstream media nationally.

We are woefully lacking in Pennsylvania - as far as legislative posting of bills - there simply is none. One has to join an organization, or at least visit organization sites to get information on pending state bills. That in itself has been daunting and unsuccessful given our closed system here for public access.

We need a reality game that takes away the actual salaries of these elected people for not upholding their oaths of office.

Little else seems to get their attention than lack of a publicly funded salary.

But again, thanks for visiting and posting. Hope the MFL has impact in increased citizen participation.