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Sunlight Foundation Left Right Middle?

Sunlight Foundation founder (Ellen Miller) being interviewed on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace... he didn't appear to ask from where their funding originates, or whom they are funding... Wallace did make a comment referencing a belief they were a Democrat party leaning organization that targets mostly Republicans... but he didn't ask any detailed questions after Miller's defensive response... they're non-partisan... Wallace also didn't press whether they hold a position on global warming...

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We're dogged in our search. Is the Sunlight Foundation a left-leaning organization?


Who talks about them and are they receiving funding in a roundabout way from the Sunlight Foundation?

What is their position on global warming, for instance?

Note: Sourcewatch reveals on site SourceWatch is an encyclopedia of people, issues and groups shaping the public agenda. It is a project of the Center for Media & Democracy; email bob AT

Sourcewatch notes the Center for Media & Democracy... funded by the Sunlight Foundation...

Center for Media and Democracy. A one year grant to develop the Congresspedia, a joint project of CMD and the Sunlight Foundation. $95,000.

So anything Sourcewatch states about the Sunlight Foundation has to be taken as supportive of the Sunlight Foundation since Soucewatch receives funding from Center for Media & Democracy...

The Sunlight Foundation was founded in January 2006 with the goal of using the revolutionary power of the Internet and new information technology to enable citizens to learn more about what Congress and their elected representatives are doing, and thus help reduce corruption, ensure greater transparency and accountability by government, and foster public trust in the vital institutions of democracy. At the core of all of the Foundation's work is a focus the power of technology and the Internet to transform the relationship between citizen's and their government.

The Foundation's initial projects – from the establishment of a Congresspedia, the making of “transparency grants”[1][2] for the development and enhancement of databases and websites, and two separate efforts to engage the public in distributed journalism and offer online tutorials on the role of money in politics efforts – are based on the premise that the collective power of citizens to demand greater accountability is the clearest route to reform...

Global Warming

Launching “Sunlight Labs” | Sunlight FoundationThe Sunlight Foundation was founded in 2006 with the goal of using technology to ... the reality of needed steps to slow down the rate of global warming. ... - 24k

Sunlight Gives $10K to NewAssignment.Net
I'm announcing today that NewAssignment.Net has received $10,000 in underwriting support from the Sunlight Foundation, matching the gift by Craig Newmark that got us started. Like Newmark, Sunlight is underwriting the test project we plan to undertake in 2006...

One of Sunlight’s first grants was $234,713 to OMB Watch to create a searchable database of government grants and contracts and put it online. (Congress has proposed doing the same thing, and says it would cost $9 million to get going.) That could figure in future New Assignment projects.

Miller says things on Capital Hill might change with “thousands of citizen journalists suggesting story ideas, providing research, analysis, reporting and muckraking.” An “all too cozy relationship” between lawmakers and the traditional press could be disrupted from outside. “Look at what bloggers – and their readers — have unearthed to date: unmasking anonymous holds on legislation; engaging citizens in uncovering earmarks; making lawmakers and candidates for office explain where they stand on issues like Social Security.”...

Sunlight Foundation's Amazing, Fun Message Creation Tool
Remember the Chevy Tahoe build-your-own advertising campaign that went bad? Well, the Sunlight Foundation has its own rendition with a $5,000 contest entitled: What Do You Think Congress Does All Day?

They have everything you need to build your own video; the learning curve is about 15 minutes.

Still searching finds

Raw Thought: Disinfecting the Sunlight Foundation

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