Friday, January 26, 2007

Former Pres. Carter Historical Revisionist by Deletion

Carter stated subsequent editions of his book would have passage - deleted.

Talk about historical revisionist!

Carter defends book against allegations of anti-Israel slant

By News Agencies

WALTHAM, Mass. - Jimmy Carter, whose latest book has been attacked as slanted against Israel, received two standing ovations Tuesday as he answered critics during a much-anticipated talk at the historically Jewish Brandeis University.

The uproar over "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid" recently prompted 14 members of an advisory board at Carter's international-affairs think tank, the Carter Center, to resign in protest.

Carter briefly addressed an audicence of 1700 students and faculty members, and responded to 15 questions selected in advance...

Carter's book has been criticized by some Jewish leaders as riddled with inaccuracies and distortions. Some have also argued that its comparison of Israel's treatment of Palestinians with South Africa's reviled apartheid system of racial segregation could undermine perceptions of Israel's legitimacy.

"I've been hurt and so has my family by some of the reaction," Carter, 82, told the audience. And he apologized for a passage that can be interpreted as supporting suicide bombings as a negotiating tactic, saying it was a "mistake" and would be removed from future editions. But he said a full Israeli withdrawal from Palestinian territories was crucial for lasting peace.

The university originally invited Carter on the condition that he debate lawyer and Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz, a critic of the book. But Carter said he would only visit the campus without conditions. He later accepted an invitation from a committee of students and faculty to speak without taking part in a debate...

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