Sunday, January 28, 2007

Real Path to 9/11 Hannity's America

Hannity's America showed a brief portion of the ABC docu-drama Path to 9/11, had two guests discuss the segment, and replayed the scene with the deleted material visible.

All that seemed to be deleted from the scene in question was the follow-up after an exchange between Sandy Berger and George Tenet with field agents backing out of the area saying the mission is aborted.

The rest of the clip prior to that remained the same, with an exchange obviously between Sandy Berger and George Tenet.

Guests were the producer Nowrswath and Martin Scheuer.

Nowrswath said he'd believed the result of the film was the same, without the deletion, the same intent was portrayed, basically the exchange between Sandy Berger and George Tenet. Berger equivocated on taking out bin Laden, and as Tenet pressed, Berger said it was up to Tenet to make the call...

Norswath said President Clinton contradicted himself on the Chris Wallace program when he said he'd tried to get bin Laden...

Hannity showed another clip of Bill Clinton which we posted previously...

Bill Clinton on Osama Bin Laden
Videotape Feb. 15, 2002 Long Island Association You Tube with transcript

You tube finds

Sunday, Jan. 28, 2007 'Hannity's America' special report weekend - the REAL path to 9/11 and the controversy surrounding the cancelled ABC miniseries including scenes never before seen on TV that were edited out of the film... 9 PM tonight

Fox to air outtake from controversial Path to 9/11
Copyright 2007 Houston Chronicle

Unseen footage from the controversial ABC docudrama The Path to 9/11 has been obtained by Fox News and will be shown Sunday on Hannity's America.

The scene shows Sandy Berger, played by actor Devin Dunn, refusing to authorize an attack on Osama bin Laden despite a request from CIA officials, who said he was in their sights.

Berger was a national security adviser to President Clinton. The footage, which was expunged before it aired last September, was shown by the docudrama's senior producer and writer/producer at a World Affairs Council event at California State University. The footage was shown as Fox cameras rolled.

U.S. Warned of Bin Laden A Decade Before 9/11

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