Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Border Patrol Agent Solitary Ignored by President

To date, to our knowledge, the families of Ramos and Compean, the two border agents prosecuted by U.S. Attorney, Johnny Sutton and convicted by a Texas jury, have not received a promised phone call from President George W. Bush.

We've said we were going to watch when the call happened. It has not, and certainly not before the big speech President Bush will make tonight.

What's he going to talk about tonight? Energy, health care. Iraq.

Meanwhile, there is war on the border of the United States - the border with Mexico.

Over 250,000 petitions have been signed requesting a pardon. Nada. Now, we find...

Border Patrol agent held in solitary confinement
'They act like he's Charles Manson,' father-in-law tells WND
Imprisoned former Border Patrol agent Ignacio Ramos not only is being held in prison for trying to halt a fleeing drug smuggler, he's being held in solitary confinement treated as if he were Charles Manson, a relative told WND in an exclusive interview.

Joe Loya, Ramos' father-in-law, told WND that Ramos is being held in conditions usually reserved for extraordinarily dangerous or trouble-making inmates.

"They have Ignacio in a 6 foot by 12 foot cell," Loya told WND in a telephone interview from El Paso. "There are no bars, just a steel door, and no window. He has no television and nothing to do. He is fed in his cell and let out only for one hour after 23 hours in the cell. He is then taken to a room with a television where he is allowed to watch the TV for an hour before he is returned to solitary confinement."

Loya told WND that the family believes that the federal prosecutor, U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton, introduced into the trial inaccurate or incomplete testimony provided by the drug dealer, Osbaldo Aldrete-Davila, as well as from other Border Patrol agents who the federal prosecutors had pressured prior to the trial.

"I can't believe how Ignacio is being treated," Loya told WND. "He has been a federal agent for years and he has been involved in many drug busts. I am convinced that the U.S. attorney has a grudge against my son-in-law and I cannot believe how mean and determined Johnny Sutton has been to see my son imprisoned for doing nothing more than trying to stop a drug smuggler he and Jose Compean believed was armed and dangerous."

Loya explained to WND that Aldrete-Davila had beaten and cut Compean in the struggle that occurred in the ditch as Aldrete-Davila was trying to escape.

"The prosecutors say that Compean was going to beat Aldrete-Davila with his shotgun. How could that be? Aldrete-Davila is over six feet tall and Compean is about five feet five inches. Compean would have been afraid that Aldrete-Davila would have taken the shotgun from him and beat him or shot him with it. The story at the trial that the prosecutors offered the jury didn’t make any sense."

Loya told WND that he had sat through the entire trial. A complete transcript of the trial is not yet available and Loya told WND that the U.S. attorney's office told him that the trial transcript would cost $3 per page. "At over 3,000 pages, that means we have to come up with $9,000 just to get a copy of the transcript. And besides, it isn't available yet and the prosecutors' office can’t tell us when it will be available."

Meanwhile, Fox 'n Friends discussing how Rep. Sinema wants patrolling with a weopon to be a crime, carry 18 months in prison and proposes legislation to twart attempts by Minutemen to protect the U.S. borders. White guys wearing camos carrying weapons is how she describes the Minutemen, says Chris Simcox of the Minuteman Project

The President had the responsibility to protect that border by putting 44,000 National Guard along the border and building the wall.


One of the topics we've been monitory here at Net the Truth Online will be discussed on http//www.foxnfriends.com

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