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Fox Paige Hopkins steals Sunday as Paula Abdul stunner

Give this woman her own show. Paige Hopkins. Fox 'n Friends Sunday morning programming, the gang discussed Paula Abdul and her previous appearance on Fox 'n Friends, interviewed exclusively by Brian Kilmeade. Abdul's behaviour, making grand and sweeping hand motions as she spoke, at times inaudible, mumbling her words, appeared as though she'd eaten 5-10 too many free sugar-laden donuts in the infamously-stocked Fox Green Room.

At the end of the segment, she said she could just go over and hug Kilmeade. And she did. She sat on Kilmeade's lap. Finally, after the shock wore off, Kilmeade wrapped his arm around Abdul's neck. What happened from there on nobody but them knows. The Fox video clip is entitled "Beyond Wacky."

That appearance (and possibly others that week) caused quite the commentary on the O'Donnell show over at "The View." Rosie poked fun at Abdul and made the allegation Abdul was drunk on "coca cola" which she sips from a cup throughout American idol.

This morning, Paige Hopkins, sitting in the middle, the so-called center square, between Kelly Wright and Greg Kelly began to attempt to mimic Abdul's appearance with Kilmeade.

She was hilarious. Give her her own show, or please team her up with E.D. Hill, who we have not forgotten here.

The pair would be tremendous together.

Great... Paige is interviewing Doctor whoever America's Doctor on Sunday Housecall - why doesn't Fox plaster the names at the top or side of the screen so we don;t have to wait for the streaming news to disappear?

... about ok hiccup help. Paige, we dare ya, after all the seriousness is over, oh yes, she's smiling, put on the act, closet comedian, we dare you Paige! Hiccup, just once.

OK already, bring your knees up to your chest, drink water upside down... Paige still smiling, missed the moment - she didn't hiccup. But we give her points for being captured on cam, smiling throughout!

All humor aside, when a baby hiccups after drinking a bottle of milk, you just want to bring up your own knees to your chest and rock cause it is a devasting sight to watch and wait to end.

Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld

Come on Paige, eat another donut during the break, we dare you - be Paula Abdul.

OK America's Doctor, Dr. Rosenfeld, says a five-year old report from AMA concludes that GB improves brain cirulation and memory and is the second most widely used herb in country. But recently new studies have scientists questioning the validity of the earlier conclusions... if taking anticoagulant, etc. be careful...

We recall a joke somebody made at the dinnertable one day. He'd forgotten the details of some historical fact about a little known place in Pennsylvania. He said he couldn't remember... he'd forgotten to take his Gingko Bilboa that day!

Isn't that a great one. Really gets you smiling every single time you yourself forget something.

Paige is leaning back and laughing cause Dr. R says if you are related to any mice... studies on mice show such and such, well we couldn't listen too closely, waiting for Paige to break out in guffaws.

The cam caught Paige as she rolled back in her seat and recovered looking flawless, smiling, silent throughout. Mice. Now everytime we see one at the barn, we'll think of Paige Hopkins rolling with silent laughter when Dr. Rosenfeld, America's Doctor, said, "if you're related to any mice..."

We need more of Paige Hopkins throughout the week. Way to go Paige. You are infectious, obviously, because you got America's Doctor to go with the comedic. Sure perked up our boring Sunday morning.

Oh yeah, healthy Monday... Let's hope to catch it with Paige Hopkins

All right. You can't say we don't bring you a wide variety of sources and we do our best to Net the Truth Online today (and yesterday as well cause we post material from a lot of yesterdays) for a better tomorrow.

"America's Doctor" Endorses Healthy Monday

Tip for this Monday, if going shopping looking for a parking place choose to park the farthest and get that walk in and if you see stairs, lots of stairs, don't take the elevator, walk the stairs.

OK Doc. We'll be sure to take that advice with the global warming creating warm weather where we're at, and cold weather in Texas and California, we will walk the farthest to shop at wherever Fox shops for those donuts.

Net the Truth Online (reporting and obsessive-compulsive linking and laughing today all the while thinking of mice relationships and Paige as Paula)

Paula Abdul "wacky" behavior elicits clever titles for links

American Idol Recap: Paula Abdul Appeared Sober

Paula Abdul Comedy Hour

Abdul animated on Idols,2933,245264,00.html

More links than even we are going to post and link obsessive-compulsively, but you feel free to go at it cutting and pasting in url.

Rosie's Latest Target: Paula Abdul
Thu, 18 Jan 2007 00:00:00 -0700

Rosie O'Donnell takes aim at Paula Abdul
Fri, 19 Jan 2007 00:00:00 -0700

(Jan. 16, 2007 Abdul appearance Fox 'n Friends, Kilmeade's lap)

Paula Abdul: Season Six of 'American Idol' Is 'Beyond Wacky'
Wednesday, January 17, 2007
(with video link that doesn't work),2933,243997,00.html?sPage=fnc.foxlife/americanidol

Video: 'Beyond Wacky'

'Fox & Friends' co-host Brian Kilmeade spoke with Paula Abdul, who dished dirt on fellow judge Simon Cowell and sixth season of 'American Idol'. Watch part one of the interview, aired Tuesday (January 16), and check out their preview of part two, which includes Paula sitting in Brian's lap, at

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