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Colbert and Bill O'Reilly Fix the World

One couldn't help but notice Bill O'Reilly stood taller than Steven Colbert on Colbert's (Comedy Central) Report Thursday. We'd have thought Colbert would have right off stood on a chair and did a mocking of Tom Cruise, but the greeting moment passed uneventfully.

video two parts Bill O'Reilly on Colbert Report

transcript Colbert guest on O'Reilly Factor,2933,244882,00.html has the vido

Comedy Central's Colbert admits his goal with his program from Day 1 some 14 months ago has been to have Bill O'Reilly, show on his show. Colbert unveils a sign:

Mission Accomplished!

Colbert billed his Colbert Report: Colbert and Bill O'Reilly fix the world.

At one point, Colbert displayed a nativity calendar which featured the faces of Fox personalities and CNN's Anderson Cooper. (Hey, Cooper tried his level best to find out what happened during Hurricane Katrina - saying he wanted to find out who all - all - was responsible for the failures).

The calendar appeared to be on the back of a newspaper...

Colbert checks out front page USA TODAY: Court to oversee wiretap program... that's just what the terrorists want, Colbert says...something about the Democrats...

Announces the minutes remaining to O'Reilly's appearance (should have done an Olbermann Countdown)(we should've been an advisor)

7 minutes

Let's first review O'Reilly Factor Thursday, January 18, 2007


transcript Stephen Colbert Enters the No Spin Zone Friday, January 19, 2007

Oh the most interesting part of Colbert's appearance on The Factor was the exchange about the pronunciation of Colbert's name.

The pair bantered about O'Reilly's charge Jon Stewart's audience is made up of "stoned slackers."

O'Reilly said they'd contacted Colbert's former third-grade teacher, Miss Crabtree about him.

What an opening for Colbert, but the moment came and went. (I mean, Miss Crabtree, come on).

O'REILLY: OK. Are you ready for the interview?

COLBERT: I'm ready for anything. My life is an open book. I've been waiting my whole life for this, sir. I'm here at the heart of O'Reilly-dom right now. This is the holy of holies. Hit it. I'd love to be nailed.

O'REILLY: Colbert, that's a French name, is it not?

COLBERT: It's a French name, just to get the cultural elites on my side, Bill. I'm as Irish as you. I'm a Cormie, I'm an O'Neal. I'm a Tuck. I'm a Phee. I'm a Connolly.

O'REILLY: Because I talked to...

COLBERT: I could sit toe to toe at a potato table with anybody.

O'REILLY: I talked to your third grade teacher, Miss Crabtree. She said back then you were little Steve Coal-bert. Is that right?

COLBERT: In South Carolina, I was Steve Coal-bert.

O'REILLY: But you, once you got here to Manhattan from South Carolina, changed from little Steve Colbert to Stephen Colbert.

COLBERT: Bill, you know you've got to play the game that the media elites want you to do. OK? Some places you can draw the line. Some place you can't. You and I have taken a lot of positions against the powers that be, and we've paid a heavy price. We have TV shows, product lines and books. OK? It's not the price we pay.


OK. Now, your middle name is Tyrone.


O'REILLY: How could that possibly happen?

COLBERT: Because I'm Irish, Bill. Have you ever been — have you ever been...

O'REILLY: There isn't one Irish named Colbert.

COLBERT: Have you ever been — have you ever been — Colbert. Com (ph) Colbert of the east rebellion

O'REILLY: Now you're Colbert again.

COLBERT: I thought you had good researchers.

O'REILLY: Who are you? Are you Coal-bert or Colbert?

Colbert mentioned

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Back to Colbert's Mission Accomplished. Seriously, that was so clever. Mission Accomplished - big sign in the background. Yadda yadda the pair standing facing each other for quite some length of time. It looked like neither wanted to be the first to sit down.

video Comedy Central

video Jossip: Remants of a Bill O'Reilly PR Stunt That Didn't Involve Keith Olbermann — Fri, Jan 19, 2007

Among the highlights we noticed:

O'Reilly's asked about culture warrior, what does it mean explain

It's about secular progressives, like you

Colbert denies he's any of that.

...and traditionalists like himself and Jon Stewart... who believe this is a noble nation, well-founded, we make mistakes, but we have to irrespect the country... we don't need giant changes... we should admit them, this was a huge mistake coming on here...

Wasn't O'Reilly a former teacher? That should be we're respectful of the United States. Why irrespect?

Maybe President George W. Bush and O'Reilly met recently? or maybe Colbert emulating O'Reilly, O'Reilly emulating Bush? You decide. We're gonna have a drink of protein, pure protein and watch Jon Stewart though we never have before.

At any rate, what was this exchange of appearances all about? Only the pair of them will know for sure. What else has gone on for a couple of days that Americans have missed?

newshounds has the clip from the Colbert program and is noted in USA Today on Deadline blog report Colbert, O'Reilly: Gentle barbs, no punches?

O'Reilly and Colbert talk the talk
By Peter Johnson, USA TODAY Updated 1/19/2007 7:52 AM ET

The New Yorker FEAR FACTOR
Bill O’Reilly’s baroque period. by NICHOLAS LEMANN Issue of 2006-03-27
Posted 2006-03-20

If you're obsessed with these two and maybe even want to find out what stock they own together start here

then colbert bill o'reilly guests each other program

video off to side

Colbert, O'Reilly Face Off on Both Shows
The Associated Press By JAKE COYLE January 19, 2007

YOUR NIGHTLY VIDEO: Big Day Finally Arrives -- Stephen Colbert Meets Bill 'Papa Bear' O'Reilly

By E&P Staff Published: January 18, 2007 4:15 PM ET updatd 12:15 AM Friday

NEW YORK Well, it's the big night: Stephen Colbert gets to sit down twice with the man he calls "Papa Bear," Bill O'Reilly -- first on "The Factor" on Fox and then later hosting him on his own "Colbert Report" on Comedy Central.

But the two have met already, in a manner of speaking.

Shortly after the launching of the "Colbert Report," O'Reilly visited Jon Stewart on "The Daily Show." There he complained (joking?) about the "the French guy" who followed Stewart. Here's the segment, as a warmup to the main event tonight...


Interview George W. Bush why did we have to look and find? Bush is asked about illegal alien problem... responds... puzzling part - missing words after Bush reference to the NAFTA , superhighway, perhaps...

Transcript: Bush Talks to O'Reilly Tuesday, September 28, 2004,2933,133712,00.html

OK this was way too long, but there is more going on than meets the eye, be sure of that.

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