Friday, January 12, 2007

Dr. Erika: Some Medical Research Waste of Time

Dr. Erika answers questions about the bioidentical hormones vs synthetic hormones in her columns, all the while, keep in mind, Dr. Erika is a supporter of bioidentical hormones...

Don't forget the disagreement between Dr. Erika and Suzanne Somers

Dr. Erika's October letter

Saturday, December 23, 2006
More About Research And What It Means
Dear Dr Erika:

I assume you've seen the article in yesterday's NY Times
I wonder about the effects of natural estrogen supplementation, and
whether it would be possible to tease out the effects of natural vs artificial
supplementation. With this clear effect, it is dramatic and fascinating
epidemiologic proof of one arm of the breast cancer puzzle.
Happy Holidays!...

The results of the MD Anderson study are not as clear cut as the media would have you believe. The doctors who explained it were all at a minimum philosophically aligned with the group that presented the data. They did not represent balanced views.

The data was presented at a conventional cancer researchers and clinicians’ meeting. That means all the data presented had to relate to cancer. Important but limited.

It would be best to realize that applying the information from a cancer meeting to the general population is not a forgone conclusion. Not everyone in the general population has or gets cancer.

At conferences, clinicians and researchers report on their findings. Studies are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies, government agencies and private donors. Academic institutions do or die based on the amount of research data they produce and publish.

Academic researchers get funding for their research through grants. The only way to get a grant is to do research and publish. The more they publish, the more likely they are to get funded.

This is a key piece of information you need to understand.

It clarifies why you read about a new study every day, even if the study is a waste of time and money and proves either things we already know or outlandish things that make you wonder why they even bothered. Well, it’s a way to make a living. Some do it to save the world, others just to get a paycheck and in response to what may be considered sexy by the media to put them on the map for bigger grants next time.

With this thought in mind, you can now look at the reported data with different eyes...

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