Friday, January 05, 2007

Donald Trump Admits Miss USA Playboy Photo-Op

Fox 'n Friends interviewing Donald Trump. 8 AM Really, ten minutes into the group psycho obsession session about Rosie and Donald's kindergartenny war of words, the trio is not asking Donald anything about the rumors Miss USA has been approached to do a spot in Playboy.

Playboy Wants Miss USA Tara Conner on Cover; Trump Reportedly Mulling Offer
Thursday, January 04, 2007

ah yes, the former Miss USA Gretchen Carlson finally asks, but Donald averts the issue... you wouldn't like that, would you, you're a purist, Donald Trump says.

wait, wait, he says he is thinking about it.

OK Donald, gotcha, now explain how that isn't being exactly the pimp Rosie accuses you of being.

Just what was expected, Donald wavers, saying something about modest, moderate, huh, what. Guess in Donald's mind, if he doesn't let the 20 year old Tara Conner do the Playboy, her life, well it will just be ruined.

Right. What was more surprising, the trio of Fox 'n Friends hosts didn't counter anything Trump said with one probing question. Not one. This is supposed to be a "conservative" news network? Well, guess this interview put that to rest. Cause one would think somebody would trump Trump with a question about why a contestant for Miss USA has to abide by rules and regs before obtaining the crown, but after obtaining the crown, anything goes, including potentially posing for Playboy.

Headline and text remain the same as Jan. 04, 2007, only the date changes

Playboy Wants Miss USA Tara Conner on Cover; Trump Reportedly Mulling Offer
Friday, January 05, 2007,2933,241518,00.html

Fox giving Trump a Pass

CNN talking about Trump

Maybe newshounds will eventually post the video and transcript

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