Sunday, December 03, 2006

Human error Sarasota County election possibility

Voting-machine findings won't end battle

Jim Stratton | Sentinel Staff Writer
Posted December 2, 2006

A new round of tests on Sarasota's embattled touch-screen voting machines failed to produce any major findings Friday.

State officials reported just two discrepancies, and they expect those problems will be traced to human error.

"We're pretty confident we'll find out on Tuesday it was some sort of voter-input mistake,'' said Sterling Ivey, a spokesman for the Florida Division of Elections.

Employees from the Florida Division of Elections spent the day conducting a mock election on five of Sarasota County's touch-screen voting machines. Working from a script, they recreated ballots cast by voters on Election Day.

At the end of the test, officials found the results reported by the machines varied from test scripts by two votes. Similar tests produced the same sort of results earlier this week.

After reviewing videotapes of the initial tests, officials found the discrepancies were caused by testers touching the wrong names on the screens.

The state is auditing the Sarasota election because of the large number of ballots that contained no choice in the 13th Congressional District race between Republican Vern Buchanan and Democrat Christine Jennings. About 18,000 had so-called "undervotes'' in what was a bitterly fought, highly publicized race.,0,7461987.story?coll=orl-news-headlines-state

Plan one world government actually mentioned in debate

Senatatorial candidates debate
Candidate Montana Libertarian Stan Jones

compelled to say what he is about to say... no longer a theory... a fact leading us into a one-world communist government... building on NAFTA... North American Union of "Canada, Mexico, United States"... security and prosperity program... no treaty has been signed so Congress not currency... new constitution... rights will not be inalienable, but granted by government who can take rights away... one sign... nafta super highway from Mexico across U.S... national id card with radio frequency chip in it... already law in America, to be implemented by May (2008)... this is terrorism of the worst kind brought upon you by your government...

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