Thursday, December 07, 2006

Trans fats banned by Nanny York City

OK. Nanny York City bans trans fats... are we part of the European Union, yet? New World Order?

While I don't choose to use products that contain trans fatty acids, rather than government dictating what a private establishment can and cannot serve, the decision should be left up to the establishment and customers.

My preference is to be educated on the issues of the dangers of trans fatty acids as identified, read as much additional material as I can gather, and make up my own mind about what I want to eat, or not eat.

the question arises: Will New York City require people who have a cold or the flu to wear protective gear so they don't sneeze all over the healthy on the street, in the subways, on the buses, or in the restaurants?

Colds and flus can be life-threatening, too.

Ban Trans Fats

LDL Cholesterol Bad Cholesterol or Bad Science?
Anthony Colpo

Diet, Fitness & Exercise: NYC Bans Trans Fats
By Katherine Hobson Posted 12/5/06

Let's go see what Reason Magazine has on this issue.

Trans Fat Free at Last Jacob Sullum | November 1, 2006

Just in time to stop New York and Chicago from banning trans fats in restaurant food (if politicians ever paid attention to the scientific evidence), the American Council on Science and Health has issued a characteristically measured report that puts the dangers of partially hydrogenated vegetable oil in perspective. Among its major points...

Trans Fatty Acids and Heart Disease
By Kathleen Meister, M.A.
Edited by Ruth Kava, Ph.D., R.D. Posted: Monday, October 30, 2006


The Calcium Factor

search results

Web Exclusive | Leon Jaroff Coral Calcium: A Barefoot Scam
Robert Barefoot's theories about the powers of coral calcium don't hold up
Posted Friday, Mar. 14, 2003
It may be one of the more successful scams of our age. Through books, lectures, audiotapes and infomercials, Robert R. Barefoot has spread his theory that a product he calls coral calcium provides "the scientific secret of health and youth," as well as preventing cancer and a host of other diseases.,9565,433084,00.html

Be Wary of Coral Calcium and Robert Barefoot by Stephen Barrett, M.D.

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