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Murdock fires Judith Regan alleged anti-Semitic comments

Publisher behind O.J. Simpson book fired
By HILLEL ITALIE, AP National Writer
Sat Dec 16, 3:26 AM ET

Most people won't read much further than catchy headlines. (We've seen this happen with BBC News Hijack 'Suspects' Alive and Well)

To make matters more confusing, most of the articles to be found on the net (and in newspapers around the country) are simply reprints of Associated Press, Reuters, and so forth so the same (lacking the full story) news goes out across the nation and world for hours and days before being updated (if updated at all).

My Way


CBS News


By the time the full story comes to fruition, other stories push to the forefront of the public's attention.

Despite a Drudge Report and pick-up by a few websites, the public will likely be left with the belief Judith Regan was somehow fired by Murdock over the O.J. Simpson book. (Dare we even utter the title as ohmgosh that'll be like promoting O.J. - what silliness)

What a United States of America when a book can be banned, destroyed and shredded. If this had been aany other book about to be shredded into oblivion, we'd hear cries of propaganda, something to hide, etc.

Maybe the interviews will turn up online.

Most will be left with the belief Regan was fired because of something to do with the oxymoronic O.J. Simpson reading headlines like these

Editor Fired After Uproar Over Simpson By EDWARD WYATT
Published: December 16, 2006

and the connection between Judith Regan and Simpson's ill-fated ill-considered book "If I Did It, Here's How..."

and after reading more news pieces like these:

Goldmans Speak Out on O.J. Publisher's Firing
SATURDAY DECEMBER 16, 2006 10:30 AM EST By Ken Lee

Days later, according to New York Times, Monday, December 18, 2006 Fired Editor’s Remarks Said to Have Provoked Murdoch

Regan's remarks to are what prompted the firing.

If this development concerning Judith Regan reportedly (allegedly) making anti-Semitic comments doesn't go to the heart of the long-time conspiracy theories that the mainstream media/newspapers are owned by Zionist Jews nothing does. Personally, I don't buy into the theory the Zionist Jews control the world and I steer away from sites such as for just that reason. I note this not to promote that site. I became thoroughly disgusted with the site because it did have quality information about a topic I'd been tracking for years before I came upon the site.

Plans for a second federal Constitutional Convention . There's no doubt that a second Constitutional Convention would alter our form of government as we know it.

After following Patru's site for a while on the issue of the Conference of States, another issue I was researching, Patru took a stand on the questionable and provocative document Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and later published online Jewish Persecution: Tool of the International Zionists' Plan for World Domination.

I do have a belief in a plan for world government since a plan for a world Constitution is reality as evident in the United Nation's own Charter.

But there is more than enough material on the Internet exposing the Protocols as fraudulent that one doesn't need to be a nuclear scientist to realize the hoax has dangerous ulterior motives.

But now we see Judith Regan allegedly making comments deemed anti-Semitic. We have to stop and think, however, are they, and how can we know whether they are if we are not privy to what was actually stated during a heated, tense conversation?

Ms. Regan’s alleged comments, which came in the midst of a tense conversation in which she berated Mr. Jackson, were directed at him and Ms. Friedman, who are Jewish, as well as toward other Jews, one of the sources said.

That source would not say specifically what Ms. Regan is alleged to have said, but characterized the comments as offensive and inappropriate, but not a hateful tirade...

This is huge. Why this is huge is Regan had been a top-notch intellectual. She had to have been to acquire the kind of books she did since 1994. You read all those books, you learn something. OK, I'm being a bit facetious there since many of the Regan imprint titles were simply titilating not inspirational, like Stern's Private Parts.

Why no stop the presses on that one?

Despite what she published, Regan must have learned by now not to use any wording even remotely suggestive (if it happened that way) of an anti-Semitic nature.

But we may never know since the public has not been given any exact quotes!

This is distressing. If Regan was fired for allegedly making anti-Semitic remarks, the public should be informed about what those remarks were.

We all will just have to wait for Judith Regan's side of the story. Hours, days, months, years, decades.

December 18, 2006
Fired Editor’s Remarks Said to Have Provoked Murdoch


Rupert Murdoch personally ordered the dismissal of Judith Regan, the publisher of a widely criticized O. J. Simpson book, after he heard reports of a heated conversation Ms. Regan had with a company lawyer on Friday that included comments that were deemed anti-Semitic, according to two people familiar with the News Corporation’s account of the firing.Mark Jackson, a lawyer with HarperCollins, a division of the News Corporation that includes Ms. Regan’s imprint, reported the alleged comments from a phone conversation with Ms. Regan to Jane Friedman, HarperCollins’s president and chief executive...


Mr. Murdoch, who had also approved the Simpson project, has not spoken to Ms. Regan since before the imbroglio it provoked but authorized Ms. Friedman to dismiss her, saying her slurs were the final straw after other recent episodes of what were deemed improper behavior, according to one of the people familiar with the News Corporation’s account.

Ms. Regan’s previous successes at the company seemed in sync with Mr. Murdoch’s penchant for pushing the boundaries of public taste and shaking up the media establishment.

The conversation with Mr. Jackson on Friday afternoon was described by sources as heated and confrontational, even for the famously forceful Ms. Regan. Ms. Regan’s alleged comments, which came in the midst of a tense conversation in which she berated Mr. Jackson, were directed at him and Ms. Friedman, who are Jewish, as well as toward other Jews, one of the sources said.

That source would not say specifically what Ms. Regan is alleged to have said, but characterized the comments as offensive and inappropriate, but not a hateful tirade. Still, the source said, it was enough to prompt Mr. Murdoch to dismiss her.

Ms. Friedman, known to have had a testy relationship with Ms. Regan, called Mr. Murdoch in the late afternoon in New York to discuss Ms. Regan’s behavior just as he was preparing to play host to the News Corporation’s annual holiday party for employees from across the company’s subsidiaries, which include the Fox television network, Fox News Channel, The New York Post, the 20th Century Fox film studio and the Web site

Judith Regan's Attorney Vows 'War'
As Sparks Fly Over Publisher's Firing
December 18, 2006; Page B1

Even though Judith Regan made a book publishing mistake of epic proportions when she commissioned O.J. Simpson's "If I Did It," few in the book industry thought she would lose her job over the incident. For all the volatility of her personality and penchant for attracting controversy, her commercial instincts were simply too valuable for HarperCollins to lose.

That reasoning turned out to be wrong, and there is now more controversy to come. HarperCollins Worldwide, a unit of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., abruptly fired Ms. Regan in a terse announcement Friday night, shortly before the News Corp. holiday party. The publisher gave no reason.

But Ms. Regan is fighting back, hiring well-known Hollywood litigator Bert Fields. "They've chosen war and they will get exactly that," said Mr. Fields in an interview. "She won't take this lying down."..

'Offensive' phone call by publisher preceded her firing
Comments by Judith Regan, already in hot water over Simpson and Mantle deals, to a lawyer at HarperCollins were last straw, sources say.
By Josh Getlin and Sallie Hofmeister, Times Staff Writers
December 17, 2006

Would-be O.J. publisher fired for anti-Semitic remarks

By Arthur Spiegelman
Monday, December 18, 2006; 9:56 PM

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Controversial publisher Judith Regan, whose plan to publish a book by O.J. Simpson called "If I Did It" ignited a firestorm of criticism, was fired for making anti-Semitic remarks in an argument with a colleague, a publishing source said on Monday.

The source confirmed a report in The New York Times that said Regan's sudden departure on Friday came after she made the comments in an argument with a Jewish lawyer for HarperCollins, a division of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. empire and the publisher of the Regan Books imprint

What has surprised publishing circles is that Regan was not fired for the Simpson fiasco, which caused Murdoch to personally dump the book and a companion television project.

It was a rare time that the media baron had been forced publicly to backtrack from a decision, but since he had approved of the Simpson project, he did not hold Regan responsible and it appeared her job was safe

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