Wednesday, December 20, 2006

FDA Finally Acts

FDA finally acts, issuing a warning and plans

FDA Plans Warnings for Over-Counter Pain Relievers (Update6)

By Joi Preciphs and Michelle Fay Cortez

Dec. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Drugstore headache medicines would carry warnings about risks of liver damage and stomach bleeding under rules proposed by U.S. regulators, and packages would clearly identify the main ingredient.

Warnings for products like Johnson & Johnson's Tylenol and Bayer AG's Aleve should point out the risk of overdoses and of drinking when taking the medicines, the Food and Drug Administration said today. Mixing medicines such as pain tablets and cold remedies make it easy to take excessive amounts of the medicines, including aspirin, Aleve and Motrin, doctors say.

however, on Fox News interview with Bill Hemmer, a female doctor attempted to note other alternatives were available as anti-inflammatory non-drugs, and Omega-6 vitamins, but she was cut off by Hemmer, immediately. It all happened so fast.

Will try to find who she was...

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