Thursday, December 21, 2006

Rosie covers her mockery of Miss USA with Trump jab

On the afternoon Fox News program, one guest, Nancy Pfotenhauer said she agrees with Rosie O'Donnell - the Miss USA second chance issue - but not on the way Rosie handled the entire situation. Nancy P. said she agrees with Rosie's point that Miss USA should've suffered some consequences for her own actions, should have taken some responsibility...

Hey, that's exactly our line of thinking. Not that Rosie O'Donnell indicated anything of the sort regarding personal responsibility, but Nancy P., wishful thinking, places the emphasis where it should have been all along - on Miss USA.

Miss USA should've been fired. Then and only then would Tara Conner have something to rise above.

Article misses the point entirely. Before Rosie mimicked Donald Trump's hairstyle, Rosie mocked Miss USA!

New York Post Getting UGLIER!

Nope, that's not what happened at all, entirely. Rosie first implied Miss USA got a sweetheart deal, cause well, she's a sweetheart (yep just what you are thinking).

Instead of Rosie the ultra-Liberal playing up Miss USA alleged drug/alcohol addiction/problem, Rosie mocked Miss USA's crying episode.

Listen carefully to the video and how Rosie alters her voice mimicking "crybaby" Tara Conner.

Only after that came the turnaround slam at Trump. With a move reserved for a theater production, Rosie swept aside her hair mimicking Trump, and then she spent the rest of her rant on The Donald . Consider that as deflection because she caught herself in a real pickle - not defending Miss USA and supporting the second chance rehab!

In fact, Rosie was basically slamming the entire concept of Miss USA pageants, and the kind of women, example No. 1, Tara Conner, who win such pageants.

Women who are willing to wear skimpy bathing suits which leave little to the imagination. Women who are willing to wear tight fitting, almost like a second skin, dazzling gowns. Women who profess they are not like the 40s, or 50s, or early 60s woman, but it turns out they are just as willing to cater to the male idea of what a woman should be and how she should act.

Again, carefully listen to how Rosie diminishes Miss USA for crying and grovelling before The Donald.

Rosie was coming from a base of belief of how women SHOULD NOT ACT like Miss USA. Crying. Begging. Submitting to male authority.

Tara's in trouble, save me, Mr. Trump, from myself, cause little beautiful me just doesn't know how by myself.

Rosie wasn't in any way concerned that Miss USA should be responsible for herself or her actions, and suffer through any consequences, she was concerned with the message Tara was sending by acting as a woman of the olden days a la Mae West and not as a woman of the new millennium.

video TMZ

Rosie's Rant on the Donald

and so he held a press conference to announce whether or not she was going to retain her crown , and "she started to cry...

I just want to thank Donald for giving me a second chance...

and there he is hair loopin... going everyone deserves a second chance, and I'm giving Tara a second chance...

Notice how Rosie mocks Miss USA's crying... and cowtowing

Rosie Slams Trump, The Donald Fires Back,,20005103,00.html

Donald Trump Tells FNC: 'Rosie O'Donnell's a Loser'
Thursday, December 21, 2006,2933,237997,00.html

News Hounds post the transcript for Dec. 21, 2006 Trump appearance on Fox 'n Friends

"The Donald" Dumps on Rosie O'Donnell.
Reported by Marie Therese - December 21, 2006

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