Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Message from Trump: Be a Girly Girl

This morning on Fox 'n Friends, Doocy pays a bet he made with Brian Kilmeade... said Trump would can her like canned cling peaches (while Kilmeade said Trump would keep Tara Conner on) ... what a hoot... maybe Doocy's next book should be entitled Mr. and Mrs. Happy Second Chance Marriages Just Keep Your Mascara Lookin' Fresh.

Opinion: Tara should have been like Doocy said... canned like a can of cling peaches. What a message sent by Trump. Cry a little, grovel, promise me you'll clean up nice, and keep lookin' beautiful while tears are running down your face and your mascara's set like the well what would Doocy say... the 20-year old's mascara looked like time had frozen pre-tears throughout.

What a message to the youth of our country. The entire episode of Tara has set an example for the youth of our nation - be a girly girl...

Meanwhile, what about the women in the Miss USA and Miss Universe competition who were on their best behavior, following stringent rules and regs throughout, and who would not behave irresponsibly when given the "first" chance at a wonderful life.

This episode smells more and more like a book deal coming down the road after the bend. How The Miss overcame the odds. Rockette Balboa. Maybe she'll get a celeb-spot on The Office. Give us a break. Not many are kept on in jobs at the first sign of any odd behavior, let alone if there are potential allegations of any kind of drug use. Technically, The Miss was on the job 24/7, and especially any time she appeared in public.

Look at it this way: the best thing to have happened to The Miss would have been to be fired, to then after the trauma, at her youthful age, overcome her own personal battles, and become a success of her own making.

this way, having been retained, it seems, any success she does have from this point forward will be based on smoke and mirrors... a guest spot on Desperate Housewives, for instance, or on The View.

Runner up Miss USA Tamiko Nash (Miss California) on Fox Live E.D. Hill interviews her.

Tara is a sweet girl, she was very gracious to me in that moment (on stage awaiting who won the competition for Miss USA) Tamika founded The Shine Foundation... it's about being a role model to others... that's what she's aspiring to do...

Getting Yourself Fired
Scott Reeves, 05.04.06, 6:00 AM ET

...Still, mixing alcohol and work is a tried and true way to get a pink slip. Boozing at a company party and picking a fight with the boss is all but guaranteed to get you the gate, but just being drunk and obnoxious is a good start. This just in: Drinking on (or even around) the job isn't smart...

Outstanding — or just odd?
Office iconoclasts work their quirks: If they're brilliant, it's OK; some are simply strange


Ex-Diven aide loses Alcosan job
Wednesday, December 20, 2006
By Rich Lord, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Alcosan hired and, yesterday, fired a former state employee who was previously charged with election code violations...

Since July, Ms. Romaniello has faced charges of unsworn falsification to authorities, perjury under the election code, and false signatures and statements in election nomination petitions. The case involves her work collecting nomination petition signatures on behalf of Mr. Diven, a longtime Democrat who turned Republican, then lost his re-election bid last month.

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