Saturday, November 25, 2006

Stop Security and Prosperity Partnership
First, the partnership is unconstitutional as a treaty has not been ratified by U.S. Senate
Second, it doesn't comport with the U.S. Constitution so it is null and void
Lastly, it is unAmerican

Support legislation to stop the North American Union

HCON Resolution 487 - No NAFTA Super Highway and No North American Union
October 27, 2006

North American Union threat gets attention of congressmen
Resolution aimed at blocking merger, funding of 'NAFTA superhighways'
October 1, 2006

While several members of Congress have denied any knowledge of efforts to build "NAFTA superhighways" or move America closer to a union with Mexico and Canada, four members of the House have stepped up to sponsor a resolution opposing both initiatives.

Rep. Virgil Goode Jr., R-Va., has introduced a resolution – H.C.R. 487 – designed to express "the sense of Congress that the United States should not engage in the construction of a North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Superhighway System or enter into a North American Union (NAU) with Mexico and Canada."

"Now that Congress is preparing to take up the issues of the North American Union and NAFTA superhighways, we are moving out of the realm where critics can attempt to disparage the discussion as 'Internet conspiracy theory,'" explained Jerome Corsi, author and WND columnist who has written extensively on the Security and Prosperity Partnership – the semisecret plan many suspect is behind the efforts to create a European Union-style North American confederation and link Mexico and Canada with more transcontinental highways and rail lines. "This bill represents a good first step."

Sites mention Nafta super-highway, super-corridor, etc. FYI only

Difficult to read all in caps

What every U.S. Citizen should know

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A good summary and links can be found HERE.


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