Thursday, March 12, 2009

Steingal: Obama post-idealogical day after his election

Where has this guy been living? discussing 10 Ideas Changing the World Right Non with another guest and the hosts of Morning Joe, Steingal made the comment about Barack Obama.

What we need are post-ideological approaches to these problems (paraphrasing). they have to come together... the Republicans aren't. Steingal then said. Obama has been post-idealogical the day after his election.

For once, Joe Scarborough picked up on the mistatement made by a guest. He's let Richard Haas basically run the program every time he's on. Scarborough always puts everything in the context of when he was in Congress, of course, but this time he went straight to the point.

Obama was post-idealogical when he proposed his version of the stimulus during the campaigning. then he faced Nancy Pelosi who is idealogical and he went with her and the Democratic Congress (paraphrasing).

You have to catch this one. It's like Scarborough is playing all sides of the fence. He then stated, actually publicly and nationally said: I like Nancy Pelosi!

Guess he wants her to come on his program for the ratings. They aren't that high.

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