Monday, March 30, 2009

Car Warranty Backed says Obama by US of A

President Barack Obama said this morning warranties on cars sold in the United States will be backed by the United States.

Hmm. Will this uniformly apply to foreign car manufacturers based in the United States? Or only the two which opted into and received the federal government bailouts/rescue plan known as TARP.

Ford has not opted into the federal monies.

And maybe the reasoning will hold.

Ford has developed its unique newbies readied for the "free" market without government help. so far...

New for 2009 (a 2010 Model)
Ford has had one wildly successful hybrid - the Escape Hybrid SUV - but is only now beginning its effort in the hybrid car market with the Ford Fusion Hybrid. Ford will call it a 2010, but in reality the Fusion hybrid is scheduled to hit showrooms in spring 2009. As with many Ford vehicles, the Fusion Hybrid will be born with a twin sister -- the Mercury Milan Hybrid. There are few details available yet on the differences between the siblings, but more is certain to be revealed over the coming weeks.

So will Ford be out of the largesse stretched-arm of the federal government plan to back US car manufacturers?

No doubt, unless and until they too fall in line...

Well according to the site jalopnik in "Carpopcalypse," the Obama Administration has extended the carrot to any domestic auto maker...

Obama Auto Restructuring Plan, Warranty Commitment Program Details
By Ray Wert, 7:01 AM on Mon Mar 30 2009

...What's really interesting is the auto task force has left the door open to Ford with the Warranty Commitment Program. The verbiage of the relevant section says: 'Any domestic auto manufacturer is eligible to participate in the program." Obviously, the administration wants to make sure that Ford's attempts to distance themselves from the other two domestics now for purposes of sales retention doesn't negatively impact their ability to go after entry into the program later on down the road. Kudos to the administration for the foresight.

While we give the nod to jalopnik for the analysis, (as does

there isn't a link to the Car Warranty Commitment, and we disagree with the author that kudos are in order to the Administration for the foresight.

As a Congresswoman recently queried to the Administration's Geitner, "where's the Constitutional authority" and so we echo - where's the Constitutional authority?

It won't be long, one for all and all for one - the good-old US of A.

Once we knew what the free market was, but we don't have a clue now.

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