Wednesday, March 18, 2009

AZ Rep. Shadegg: Government Creates Crisis to Solve

Uh oh. A Congress-critter conspiracy theorist? Don't go to Missouri!

On Morning Joe, addressing the 'outrageous' AIG bonuses, Shadagg said the government creates problems and then comes in and tries to solve problems.

He didn't claim government tries to solve the problems with more government and more government programs, but the implication was there.

Continuing to discuss the bailout situation, Shadegg said with a smile, but point blank:

The political class, Republicans or Democrats, like to create crisis, then come in and solve the crisis.

Uh, unfortunately there was nobody on the Morning Joe panel who dared ask, not even former Congressman, Joe Scarborough, specifically, what are you saying? The federal government actually 'created' the banking and financial and housing crisis in the United States so as to solve the crisis? And secondly, the 'political class' including Congress intend to solve the crisis how? Perhaps with more government programs? More growth of government? More printing of money, well you get the idea...

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