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Anthony Car Maggots: Garbage or DNA Decomposed Body

Baez is right to question CSI Witness about his knowledge of garbage in Casey Anthony's car. (Geraldo Beloise CSI who processed Casey's car)

Was he aware at one time garbage had been in the car.

Headline News commentators don't KNOW why Baez is asking this question?

My goodness, maggots can form from leftover garbage!

Baez asks about the stain - where was the location of the stain?

Baez asks whether the evidence bag of the garbage was revealed to Dr. Henry Lee?

Baez says the defense was not able to process any of the car evidence at the scene. During his investigation for the defense, Baez say Dr. Henry Lee himself found 'several' stains and 17 hairs after crime scene investigators and police processed the vehicle!

Ah well, the defense didn't prove its motion to sanction the prosecution and it was denied.

Net the Truth Online

a call was made to 9/11 July 15th according to Timeline by Valhall at Above Top Secret.

Is it not truly odd Casey Anthony says it's been 31 days since she's last seen her daughter Caylee. The parents - from a video - taken on 'Father's Day - when questioned when was the last time they saw Caylee, give another date June 9 or so and only later after seeing the video - recall June 16th was the last time they saw Caylee.

Seriously, your granddaughter whether missing or not missing for a month, but you have not seen her for a month - you're asked when was the last time you saw your granddaughter - would you not recall the last day you saw your grand-daughter was Mother's Day, or Father's Day or your birthday? Or whatever other special day you were celebrating? I mean no other special days came up for one month so you didn't see your granddaughter. The oddest thing, the date the Anthony couple gives is before Father's Day - that's what's odd. So you don't recall the Father's Day?

That is very odd.

Is Cindy Anthony all there?

Casey Anthony's Dad borrowed the car, according to Casey, relaying this to someone according to the timeline, June 23rd?

When Casey is driving the car from the Anthony home, the car runs out of gas? She returns to the Anthony home, breaks into a shed, using a tire iron? and gets two gas cans and fills up the car?

My goodness what a tangled web.

Net the Truth Online

Above Top Secret

June Timeline excerpt

9/10 - KC spends one night with RM and AH, has Caylee. AH sees Caylee when KC leaves on the morning of the 10th. Last time AH sees Caylee. AH does not see KC again until the 30th. The 9th is the original date given by Casey, CA and GA as being the last day they saw Caylee. However, it is believed that CA convinced KC of this date because when KC spoke to the 911 operator she originally stated it has been "31 days" since I saw my daughter. The call was made on the 15th of July, which would make KC's original statement more correct as the 16th of June is the last time GA saw Caylee alive. It is believed that after the 911 calls ended the family started looking at the calendar and CA got confused and convinced everyone else the 9th of June was the last day. It wasn't until after the Father's day video was found by LE that the family realized the 16th was the last time they saw Caylee.

Above Top Secret Valhall

...Week of 23-27: GA claims he sees KC leaving the Anthony house in his wife's vehicle and chases her down the 408. GA also states this could have been the week of the 16th.

...23 - BB thinks he sees a green pick up at the Anthony house and remembers hearing KC's voice. He believes a male was with her. KC runs out of gas in the near vicinity of the Anthony home. Calls TL and asks him to drive toward her parents' home. He meets KC walking down the street (not by her car) and they drive to the Anthony home. TL uses a tire iron and breaks in storage shed in backyard and KC takes two gas cans. TL sees BB while at the Anthony house. When they arrive at the car KC will not let TL put gas in car. She puts gas from cans in car herself and TL just hands her the cans.

...25 - 12:52 pm - KC attempts to call Lexus dealership
1:36 pm - KC attempts to call Lexus dealership
2:13 pm - KC attempts to call Lexus dealership
2:18 KC attempts to call Lexus dealership
KC has phone call with AH and talks about horrible smell in her car. Talks about smell more than one day. Says she doesn't know what it is but speculates her dad may have ran over something when he borrowed it. Says "it smells like something died in my car". Says the engine is the source of the smell. KC sends BS a myspace message about coming to Fusion on Friday night - hot body contest. BS also receives an email from KC about coming to Fusion. KC tells CA she is at a hospital Tampa sitting with Zani who has been in a car accident.
KC makes an online payment for her cell phone bill of $377.33

July timeline Valhall

...Second week of July: CA states KC and JH were supposed to return to Orlando on the weekend, but KC told her they were staying in Jacksonville. KC told CA JH had taken her car to be fixed on the weekend. KC told CA it took longer to get the car back from the shop because her gas sensor needed to be replaced. KC told CA that she and JH would be returning to Orlando on the 12th. KC tells CA that Caylee is being watched by JH's mother along with Zach (JH's imaginary son).

...July 15 - 12:12 am CA leaves a message on KC's myspace.
GA picks up certified letter at post office and discovers KC's car is in an Orlando impound lot (which should be in Jacksonville according to what they have been told by KC). Calls CA and tells her she needs to find KC.
11:35 a.m. KC has phone conversation with JR, who made the call, that lasts 23 minutes.
(Noon: KC later claims she got a call from a "private number" on her cell phone and got to talk to Caylee for the first time in a month. While no incoming call was found on her cell phone records at this time, cell phone activity shows that around noon she made a phone call to a New York State number, then dialed 411, then made a second call to a New York state number followed by a call to a local 321 number. Cell phone records did not show any "private number" calls to KC's phone on the 15th.)
12:48 pm CA attempts to call KC.
12:52 pm KC receives a call from TL (93 seconds long).
12:58 pm KC calls CA, 3 minute conversation.
1:11 pm KC receives a call from CA (89 seconds long).
KC goes to the tattoo parlor sometime between 2 and 4 pm to schedule an appointment for Saturday to have another tattoo, speaks with DCo while there.
KC goes to a downtown Orlando Bank of America branch and withdraws $250 from AH's bank account. This BoA branch is less than one block from the Orange County Clerk's Office. KC also attempts to pay a $574 AT&T cell phone bill, but there is not anough money left in AH's account for the payment to go through.
ZG22 makes a $50.00 payment to the Collection Court on the 05/24/08 driving without a valid license citation.
AH and RM return from Puerto Rico and KC picks them up at airport. During drive from airport KC tells AH she received a phone call from Caylee on her cell phone. AH drops KC at TL's apartment.
CA and GA recover car from impound lot. GA smells decomposition at the impound lot and hesitantly opens trunk of car. Finds a white trash bag. Impound lot owner pitches white trash bag over fence into dumpster. Once they get the car to their house, CA tells GA to go back to work. CA claims she went back to work until 5:30 to 6:00 pm. However her supervisor states that the manager at Gentiva made CA go home early. While at Gentiva, after recovering the car, CA told coworkers that the car "smelled like a dead body", and that Caylee's carseat and favorite doll, along with some clothes were in it. At some point, CA removes a pair of KC's slacks (that match the same description GA gives of the slacks he saw KC wearing on the 16th when she and Caylee left the house). CA washes the pants.
4:27 pm CA sends KC a text message that reads "Call me asap major prob"
4:45 pm CA sends KC a text message that reads "Call me"
CA finds a piece of paper in the car, under KC's purse, with AH's name and number.
5:00 pm CA calls AH trying to find KC. CA tells AH that KC has stolen from her and lied to her and that she hasn't seen Caylee in a month. AH agrees to take CA to KC. CA picks AH up at the mall. CA tells AH about the car being impounded and that it smells like "something had died." CA tells AH smell was coming from trunk. AH directs CA to TL's apartment.
5:06 pm KC takes call from MH, 8 minute conversation.
5:31 pm CA attempts to call KC.
5:33 pm MH attempts to call KC.
6:04 pm KC makes $88.45 purchase at Winn Dixie (7580 University)
KC makes an online payment for her cell phone bill of $574.60.
6:30 to 7:30 pm CA and AH arrive at TL's apartment. CA forces KC to leave with her. They take AH home and CA continues to press KC to take her to Caylee. KC continues to say Caylee is with the nanny. CA pulls up at a Orlando police station but it is closed.
CA makes first 911 call wanting to have KC arrested for stealing the car (in an attempt to make KC tell where Caylee is). The 911 operator is confused about what jurisdiction the complaint should go to (OPD or OSCO). CA states she will go home and call 911 again to get the right LE agency involved.
Before 8 p.m. CA calls GA and gets his voicemail. She asks him to call her back.
8:15 pm GA attempts to call CA back, but gets her voicemail.
GA calls LA and tells him to get over to the house to be with his mother.
5 minutes later LA arrives at Anthony home. KC's car is in garage with trunk open. Lee describes smell as horrible.
CA and KC arrive home.
8:45 pm GA calls LA and asks if everything is okay. LA says CA and KC just got there. GA asks if Caylee is there and LA responds with - just get home as quick as you can.
CA calls GA and asks when he is getting home and tells him they will talk when he gets home.
CA makes second 911 call. This time adding that her granddaughter has been missing for a month. Audio of 911 call
While waiting for LE to arrive, LA speaks with KC and KC states the nanny took Caylee. CA hears this and makes 3rd call - this time stating that they just recovered the car and it smells like a dead body has been in it. Audio of 911 call
CA calls GA at work and tells him to get home (unsure exactly when this call is made). KC speaks to operator and states she has not seen her daughter in 31 days. When LE arrive KC, CA and GA all state the last time they saw Caylee was the 9th of June. This is later corrected to the 16th of June when the Father's Day video tape is discovered.
At some point during the evening, (after the 31 days changes to June 9th being the last time KC saw Caylee) KC and LA are in garage and LA broaches the subject of the "atrocious" smell of the car. KC states it started on the 5th when two squirrels got up in the engine compartment. KC states she did stake outs in the car over a period of days trying to catch the nanny returning. LA later states he doubted she could have stayed in the car for that long because of the smell.
Just before 10 pm GA arrives home. Just after this LE arrive.
11:00 p.m. CA calls AH and tells her Caylee has been kidnapped by the nanny...

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