Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Global Governance Plan Awareness

Get the book. Our Global Neighborhood. Published by the United Nations. It's available at many libraries or interlibrary loan programs.

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December 15, 2006
A Chronological History of the New World Order by D.L. Cuddy, Ph.D.

Conversation centers around the oneness of mankind and the coming global government. However, the term "global governance" is now used in place of "new world order" since the latter has become a political liability, being a lightning rod for opponents of global government.

1996 – The United Nations 420-page report Our Global Neighborhood is published. It outlines a plan for "global governance," calling for an international Conference on Global Governance in 1998 for the purpose of submitting to the world the necessary treaties and agreements for ratification by the year 2000.


Seems supportive

Toward Genuine Global Governance

Critical Reactions to "Our Global Neighborhood" Edited by Errol E. Harris, and James A. Yunker PRAEGER Westport, Connecticut London



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