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Speaker Speaks Automakers Language Let's Make a Deal

Speaker Nancy Pelosi: whatever she's saying, she's learning the language of the automakers.

Let's make a deal.

she may be okay with bailing out the 3 big automakers?

Where is the strength of the American public in response to our elected officials falling for the pleas of the 3 big automakers who seek millions to prop up their failures in design, technology, and innovations?

The backbone of our country? Cars that still rust, are designed to consume the maximum amount of fuel and after a mere few days of use go down in value some thousands of dollars?

We say no to this latest gimmick to bail out "FAILURES."

why won't you?

What is it about the Constitution people in Congress don't understand?

Nowhere in that document are the words: distribute taxpayers' hard earned monies to unconstitutional programs, gimmicks, bailouts, financial crisis, school districts, etc.

There are a few specified duties and obligations of Congress, with protection of our unalienable rights and security of our nation paramount among them.

Pelosi and anyone else who continues down this road to bailout failures have not learned from us because we have not spoken enmass.

It's about time we sent the message to Congress. Retract what you've done now, and no more money to jumpstart the economy.

The economy is so sporadic for a number of reasons. Among those are the so-called free-trade agreements with other countries that are not ratified per the Constitution as treaties.

Recently, Mika Brezinski of Morning Joe asked: what are we producing in this country? Is there any manufacturing left? The guest was actually speechless for a few moments. He gave a non-answer since he couldn't name anything, not a single item that was solely manufactured in this country - such as a new and useful widget - the country exclusively produces for itself and the rest of the world.

Not a single item was named.

What happened to innovation? It's not dead, but Congress is so intent on keeping their seats next election in a mere two years for themselves (largely by receiving money from lobbyists) they ignore everyone except the big donors to their campaigns.

Meanwhile, innovation by anybody else is ignored.

Segway inventor builds electric car
Submitted by acohill on Mon, 11/10/2008 - 08:53.

Up in New Hampshire, a new electric vehicle is undergoing road tests. New Hampshire is not normally counted as one of the big auto-producing states, but the move to electric vehicles is likely to bring some new players into the field. As a side issue, the government might have more impact by giving a few million dollars to every firm in the U.S. working on electric vehicle technology rather than trying to bail out the high cost Detroit manufacturers.

Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway two wheel electric vehicle, is now road-testing a small electric car powered by batteries, with a Stirling engine that recharges the batteries as needed and can also run the heater and defroster. The Stirling engine runs on almost any kind of combustible fuel, including gas, diesel fuel, and biofuels. Kamen has stayed away from the more complicated hybrid designs that use both a gas engine and an electric motor to propel the car. In Kamen's design, the electric motor does all the propulsion, just like Chevrolet's Volt design.

Read the following opinion which is right on target:

I worked for EDS when it was owned by GM. It was an $85,000/yr IT job. They were making plans to move 28,000 IT jobs to India, which they did. IBM did the same thing at the same time. Offshoring is the root cause of our economic problems. I am unemployable due to being a software engineer for 20+ years. GM contributed to the fact that many US citizens can not buy the products the make by sending jobs to Mexico, China, and India. Let them fail as they drag our country to failure. We need something to put US jobs in the US performed by US citizens; Why bail them out for contributing to our economic problems in the first place? IBM sold the PC to Communist China! Bush wanted India to program the software for our undersea communications and the Saudis to do port security. Are we nuts?

Posted By: LaRayaAsul | November 23, 2008 at 06:34 PM

Not only have we outsourced the auto Industry, steel production, our U.S. based companies outsource IT jobs, even call-centers are outsourced.

Now that would all be just fine, if these same companies did not receive tax-breaks from the federal government, state governments, and local governments for years and years.

Once the tax exemptions and abatements run out, the company shuts down, and moves somewhere else for a certain amount of years of new tax breaks.

The public must be so numbed by all of this they simply don't want to wake up and shout from the street corners of every small town and large city and cow pasture and field:

This free wheel deal stops dead in its tracks now. Let them all go bankrupt, and the market will determine what new product somebody will rush into production.

Net the Truth Online

Democrats agree to $14 billion temporary fix for Big 3
By Jim Puzzanghera | Washington Bureau
December 6, 2008
Congressional Democratic leaders agreed Friday night to a stopgap compromise to keep the Big Three U.S. automakers afloat into early next year by diverting about $14 billion from an existing fund designated to retool their factories to make more fuel-efficient cars, according to senior aides.

The deal would provide General Motors, Ford and Chrysler with only a portion of the $34 billion they say they need for a turnaround, but it would give them enough to keep operating while a broader agreement is negotiated.

The move still needs support from some Republicans to get through the Senate and the approval of the White House. But President George W. Bush has been calling for help for the automakers to come from the Energy Department advanced technology fund. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has strongly resisted using the fund, but her decision to relent apparently has sealed a deal to keep the three companies from running out of cash before March 31.

Pelosi was swayed by Friday morning's release of stunning new unemployment figures—the worst month in 34 years. Congressional aides cautioned there were still details to work out, including agreement by the White House to quickly replenish the energy fund.,0,5185536.story

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