Monday, December 15, 2008

Bush Shoe Incident Something Amiss

Isn't it the oddest thing? There was absolutely no swarm of security around President Bush when a first shoe and then a second shoe came flying through the air as Bush stood at the podium and ducked. As odd, Bush ducked not once, but twice, and there was no look other than a slight snicker on his face.

Where were the Secret Servicemen? Enjoying the scene? Without a thought that possibly one or the other shoe may have contained a 'dirty' bomb? Is the name Reid not on the tip of the tongue of every Secret Service agent when watching a shoe fly through the air some several feet away from the head of the President of the United States of America?


Wednesday, 26 December, 2001, 17:45 GMT
Shoe bomb suspect 'one of many'

And did Bush look in any way suspicious or frightened at the sight of a shoe sailing through the air straight at his head? Nope. After the first shoe made its way towards Bush, he ducked, then instead of staying down or pushing the Iraqi dignatary out of the way, too, run away from what could be a danger, he stood right back up and didn't budge an inch. Not one inch at the thought hey we make people take off their shoes at the airports in the United States. Why do we do that? Oh some guy was caught trying to damage an airliner full of people?

I know we've told our Secret Service guys to lay low here in Iraq, but this is ridiculous. Where are they? In the back of the room?

People may be waiting quite a while in long lines while shoes are being slipped or pulled off and put back on so the shoes can be scanned separately to check whether there is something amiss.

Yet, Bush just stands and ducks, stands and ducks while a shoe that's potentially been tampered with in some way sails through the air at his head.

Bush made a joke - it doesn't bother him? It's a size ten shoe that he threw? What if it was a shoe or two that had been dangerous in an unexpected way?

In the United States the removal of shoes at airports is mandatory, a requirement. Not so in Iraq? Not so for reporters attending President's press conferences?

The shoe removal became mandatory in 2006.

But the TSA's oversight covers only the United States. The federal agency can't require compliance with its regulations and policies at airports in other countries, says Nico Melendez, a spokesman for the TSA. “Many of the security procedures we employ, like the liquid ban, are similar in dozens of countries; others, like the shoe screening, are not.”

Something is amiss, here.

We're the sheeple.

Do these national and presidential security experts not watch NCIS or 24?

The whole thing seems really weird. And with Barack Obama about to be sworn into office, the security had better be so tight around him that every single reporter facing him must be made to enter the room after first checking those shoes!

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