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Morning Joe Fails Viewers Big Time

Hilarious! Morning Joe anchors and guests are all in a tizzy over the bailout of the banking industry. They're irate that there's a lack of transparency!

What a hoot. Where's someone like Fitzgerald to INVESTIGATE THE CONNECTIONS - the gang's all there, discussing the crisis of our United States economy. The group seems in a mind set to blame everybody but themselves for the lack of oversight. Where's the investigation of the CEOs? Those dastardly private operators taking millions in bonuses. Then taking all of the taxpayers money and paying out these already planned big bonuses? Someone should investigate, the gang's all here in chorus.

The next Administration, Barack Obama should investigate! Where'd all the money go???

Where were these questions a month or so ago?

They've been wailing for over 45 minutes at the plight of American workers in the auto industry. They're being asked to take cuts in salaries, what about the bankers? Where are the drastic salary cuts of private bankers? Pat Buchanan sits with the group, waiting his turn.

Scarborough asked why the silence before the banks got all the bailout money, but now the grilling in Congress and mutterings of how highly paid auto-workers are. Where are the reporters who used to be on the side of the little guy, working stiffs themselves?

Oh come on Joe. Where are the reporters? Where are you?

Where were you when John McCain rushed back to DC before the first Presidential Debate, pulling out of the shadows authors ignored by the mainstream media for decades upon decades? New American magazine writers, for instance. Libertarian writers? And so forth.

When Richard Haas guested on your program, you had your chance to ask the President of the Council on Foreign Relations any question about the bailout you chose. You didn't.



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Neither did Patrick Buchanan ask anything of Haas. In fact, Buchanan sat so silently by taking it all in without comment, the other panelists including you and Mika and Geist joked the CFR and Trilateralists conspiracy angle didn't enter into the interview session cause Pat was so quiet.

And didn't you have a string of guests on before the votes were taken on whether or not to hand over billions to the banking industry? Didn't you have Pulitzer Prize winning journalists guesting every single day before the billions passed from taxpayers to Wall Street?

Pat Buchanan on the program again as a co-contributor, said not a word about the Council on Foreign Relations members and associates and the interconections therein. When Prez of CFR guested and Pat was present, it was like he was in his own silent world. Buchanan asked nothing of Richard Haas when the man sat right across from him!

He couldn've asked hey Richard, what are these bankers up too? They got all this money from the Congress which we have to borrow and everybody is mum about how that money is being spent. What do you know, Mr. Haas, and when did you know it?

Buchanan actually had the nerve to say this morning - it's those libertarians! Those CATO types, everything is open, free traders.

Huh? Not quite, Pat. Libertarian thinkers like Ron Paul are right on the mark - it's free trade, but fair trade, with constraints in place as defined by our U.S. Constitution, and it's the sickening idea that our Congress enable a failure of a Federal Reserve system to continue unchallenged in its continued failure!

It's Congress and people like you who when they have the chance to ask and ask and ask decent questions one after the other they don't.

Congress acted quickly on the bailouts to the bankers even though, we stress, even though at the time (and to this day) the majority of Americans polled did not want the bailout to go through.

And here is what sell-out Pat Buchanan said and wrote:

Day of Reckoning
by Patrick J. Buchanan

...Why should we do this? Because otherwise there will be a financial panic, followed by a market collapse, wiping out pensions, 401Ks, portfolios and defined benefit plans of Middle America, forcing millions into bankruptcy and millions more to put off retirement and continue working until they drop.

In a democracy, it is said, you get the kind of government you deserve. But what did the American people do to deserve this? What did they do to deserve the quality of financial, corporate and political leadership that marched them into this mess – and that today postures as their rescuers?

Consider what this mess has already cost taxpayers: $29 billion to buy the rotten paper of Bear Stearns so J.P. Morgan would buy the investment bank; $85 billion for 80 percent of AIG to nationalize it; $150 billion in a stimulus package to flood the nation with cash; perhaps $300 billion to bail out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac; and now $700 billion to begin taking the toxic paper off the hands of America's big banks.

And even if this is passed, say Paulson and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, there is no guarantee this will resolve the crisis. If the $700 billion is not provided and the toxic paper is not pulled off the books of the world's banks by U.S. taxpayers, however, we face an almost certain collapse, surging bankruptcies, rising unemployment, a shrinkage of GDP and a recession, if not worse.

Yet, the fellows who tell us we face a financial mushroom cloud over every American city if we do not act at once to provide the $700 billion did not see this coming and can make no guarantee that this will succeed and end the crisis.

Nevertheless, it must be done, and done now, as collapse is imminent.


Well, Pat wrote a book using the correct term for the foundation of our nation as a republic, not a democracy, yet Pat now uses the term democracy. Buchanan says nothing about a corrupt Federal Reserve system or ending it as it is unconstitutional.

The public had spoken in a republic, while the public should be heard, and some weight of course given to the public, in a republic the rule of law is well the rule of law. All of Congress and the President and any elected federal officials take an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution.

Congress not only ignored us, Congress and the President and the President-Elect ignored the U.S. Constitution.

Now the lame duckers are ducking for cover over the mistake of giving billions to the Wall Street bankers who continue to ignore them as well (tit for tat) since after all Congress did not mandate any oversight or even any report from the Treasury Dept. about where the money went and how it was spent.

Yet people like Buchanan and Scarborough and Barnacle and all guests pre-bailout were hemming and hawing around asking nothing directly mumbling that the economy would fail that's what Bernacke says, and whoever says and maybe they're right. The sky will fall and we can't chance our entire economy going under.

(Exactly what Buchanan said, yet he's still promoted as in the know about our Constitutional republic)

Guess what, it's all already an illusion. The worst of the worst scheme in the history of our nation. A controlled economy that isn't. It was the biggest game since its inception in 1913 known as the Federal Reserve System.

Maybe the next generation of taxpayers (non-government employees) will wake up when they see their first paycheck after high school and they are of the age to vote - maybe they'll say hey over half of my paycheck is gone for this or that or the other thing for one government service or another.

None of you said let the banks fail and by the way the Federal Reserve System itself is responsible for this mess. This global baloney is responsibile for this mess. all Administrations and Congresses that keep this system going decade after decade are responsible for this mess.

It's the Federal Reserve System, stupids. And a corrupt Congress, Presidents for the past nearly 90 years (after Obama's first term) who keep the Federal Reserve system going.

It's a private system. And those at its head must have something really juicy on all Presidents and Congresspersons (critters) to keep them at bay.

Ron Paul: Federal Reserve for dummies - Youtube and Blog bomb
January 12, 2008


Of course there's always another viewpoint in response read those as well and make your own determinations. But don't miss reading The Creature of Jekyll Island, too.

As for the video, we don't have time right now for a one-hour video session, but we've read the Creature book a while back and it is eye-opening.

Our Founding Framers did not create the Federal Reserve central bank and basically expected all debt created by the federal government - wars and such - to be immediately paid off with recourse to tariffs on imports as well and other 'temporary' measures.

Not so in modern times with continued deficits for everything under the sun and now trillion dollars plus for a bailout of banks, car manufacturers, last time we checked entities are privately owned and managed.

Link to Buchanan org site


We don't endorse the site or the viewpoint that Buchanan helps expose the Federal Reserve System. Buchanan has had innumerable chances pre-bailout and since to forcefully explain why the Federal Reserve system doesn't work for a free people.

He could have explained the generational bondage created by deficit after deficit spending. He hasn't done so not once on Morning Joe where he has the spotlight regularly as a commentator.

Additionally he's said and written the bailout should go through otherwise the entire economic system will collapse!

Buchanan actually had the nerve to blame libertarian thinking for the mess!

Anyone who gives Buchanan any credence from this point forward should reread his article:

Day of Reckoning

Nevertheless, it must be done, and done now, as collapse is imminent.


Read commentary of

Jane Yoo Eegnurnt said:

This video is a waste of time. It was made in 1994, a folksy spin on basic historical facts known for decades before that.
Recycled fear mongering of a most tiresome variety. Except in very general terms this 14 year old recording is irrelevant to today’s financial market mess resulting from the housing bubble and out of control credit derivatives and other toxic financial “innovations”. Regardless of what some tacky tourist plaque in Georgia says, the Federal Reserve was not “created” there in 1910. It was conceived there and created by the US Congress after lengthy debates in 1913. There is nothing particularly unusual about it, despite the Gothic novel cachet of this video or the 4th rate anti-Semitic fantasies of prior commenters. The Fed is a central bank. Almost every country in the world has one. From time to time, as with all human creations, they screw up, and that is PART of the reason for the aforementioned housing bubble and AWOL securitized/off-balance-sheet/derivatives

Then read the followup commentary:

geo said:

Whether or not the Federal Reserve system was “conceived” at Jekyll Island is irrelevant to the fact that the Federal Reserve Act passed by Congress in 1913 was unconstitutional. Congress knew they were doing wrong because they waited to the last minute before breaking to sleaze the legislation through.

It matters not that other countries may be controlled by private central banks. In America we have a rule of law called the Constitution, and it is to be obeyed.

It is not outdated to understand the beginnings of the Federal Reserve private banking system where money is created out of nothing with interest attached to it. It has resulted in a pyramid scheme of money creation that does not reflect the true value of production. It is the sole reason for today’s economic woes. The private banking system needs to be totally cut loose, and the Congress needs to implement a new interest free currency based on silver or gold.


While Buchanan understands the danger of the Federal Reserve system, when he has an opportunity to directly link the system to banking shenanigans, he fails us. He can write all the books he wants and make all the speeches for high speaking fees, and make appearances on Morning Joe, but when Buchanan had the opportunities on Morning Joe to actually tell everyone the truth - face to face with Federal Reserve supporters - he fails over and over again.

He simply has lost credibility on the important issues we are all watching exactly what is tumbling. But few if any other than Ron Paul and a handful of others have the same platform as Buchanan and as the 'insiders.'

Geo has it exactly right. Geo's expressive and accurate material should be put up on billboards across the nation right beneath Buchanan's traitorious words.


Of course, in the back of our minds is the potential for an even grander conspiracy to be unraveling before us. Maybe the Federal Reserve supporers want the system to collapse so they can offer a different system. Maybe a global system and one based not on the dollar but on some other currency or even an international currency.

It's not beyond the pale for insiders to concoct some scheme some crisis - a fake emergency or crisis that spirals out of control - then swoop in unnoticed with some solution to the crisis.

While we don't put any stock into the position it's all the Zionists fault, it's the Jewish bankers (sweetliberty.org's often stated position), there is no doubt manipulation and control are the gods of insiders.

Such exist as noted by none other than Caroll Quigley in his book (and Bill Clinton's mentor) Tragedy and Hope.

Notice the hope hype has been part of every single Administration since, well likely Woodrow Wilson.

Also waiting in the wings as we've noted on Truth Online, and here, World Peace Through World Law, and a new Constitution already crafted. We've warned in our sidebar info of the potetial for use of a second Constitutional Convention and the dangers inherent to a call for a federal convention for whatever stated purpose by the states.

Several sites have recently noted the potential for a call for a convention when 34 states submit a proposed Amendment. (Joseph Farah's World Net Daily)(Tom DeWeese's American Policy Center)

Accordig to WND, Wyoming lawmakers are considering legislation to prevent former calls from the state for amendment by convention to be deemed retracted...

Wyoming lawmakers oppose Constitutional Convention

...The American Policy Center listed states that have called for a Constitutional Convention, including Wyoming, prompting Wyoming state Rep. Amy Edmonds to tell WND she and several other lawmakers in the state are working on "how we get Wyoming out of this."

The state had adopted various resolutions over the years seeking a Constitutional Convention. In 1999, however, lawmakers voted to repeal them.

"A JOINT RESOLUTION to repeal requests made to Congress to call a convention for the purpose of proposing amendments to the Constitution of the United States," was the title of the 1999 work in Wyoming.

"We are asking for all of those to be repealed," she said. "We're having our lawyers in the (Legislative Services Office) look this over, to find out what we can do."

"Wyoming doesn't want to be involved," she said.

If that fails, or is not possible, since APC reported there is no provision for a rescission once a state adopts a call for a Constitutional Convention, Edmonds said the state will try to provide requirements for exactly who would attend from the state and what their position would be.

Eidsmoe, who wrote "Christianity & the Constitution," as well as a number of other papers on the Constitution, said DeWeese probably is correct in that there are no provisions for rescission and no limits on when a convention could be convened.

Eidsmoe, who now is staff counsel for the Foundation for Moral Law, told WND that's because Article 5 of the U.S. Constitution, which allows for a Constitutional Convention, was among the later provisions written and was hastily constructed.

The fact is, he said, nobody knows if a state can call for a Constitutional Convention and then rescind that call, or whether there could be any limits place on a convention once the necessary 34 states support it.


We haven't written about reports on the recent activity since our research has shown it is doubtful unrelated amendments (by state's calls for a convention) will be able to be rolled into one call when the last necessary state presents a formal amendment.

Be warned. We'll followup. Levant presents much for pondering... we'll track.

By Nancy Levant
December 24, 2008

...As the country is failing in every direction – from the former individual in America to each and every individual state in the country, the total economic crash of EVERYTHING – and all converging at the very same time and as we speak – is, let us say, extraordinarily convenient.

Add this convenience to the fact that on March 27, 1969, President Richard Nixon divided the country into 10 regions via the Government Reorganization Act. Then with Nixon’s Executive Order 11647, the nation was divided up into 10 administrative regions on February 14, 1972 (Federal Register February 12, 1972, Vol. 37, No. 30), which also established the Federal Regional Council for the newly designed 10 regions. Now, why did former President Richard Nixon redefine the United States? He did so because the United Nations passed a resolution that the United States must reorganize into 10 regions.

Can you name your regional directors? Who are these councils, and where are their office buildings? Actually, you don’t know because they were not “elected,” nor are they mentioned on your tell-a-visions. Your regional councilmen are “appointees.” Can you tell me who appointed them to regional power? Bet you can’t. And the reorganizing of our former nation, achieved more than 25 years ago, and of which you know nothing, certainly suggests that “government” as we knew it changed a long time ago. With all this information now in hands, ask yourselves what would happen in the event of a really big, national “crisis?” What powers do your states hold, or for that matter, your counties or local governments hold – especially since they are all bankrupt AND have regional managers.

Add this to your plate: now that you know your nation has been redrawn and redistributed, what if I told you that a new constitution was written at the same time the country was divided into 10 regions? Ever heard of the Proposed Constitution for the Newstates of America?

In 1964, the Ford Foundation funded an outfit called the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions to write a new constitution for our nation. After 40 drafts, a staff of 100+ people, and at a cost of 2.5 million dollars a year, a decade later (1974) the Proposed Constitution for the Newstates of America was finished. Mind you – a ten year, $25,000,000.00 project…let us therefore assume that the funding foundation(s) were very serious about this investment. And two years later in 1976, Mr. Nelson Rockefeller, who at that time was the president of the Senate, introduced HCR 28, which called for an unlimited Constitutional Convention – the perfect tool whereby to dissolve our current constitution and implant the handily written new constitution – and all without congressional oversight or public knowledge.

Didn’t go well for Nelson in 1976, but guess what? A new Constitutional Convention is right around our corners again – with 32 states requesting the Con-Con, and with only 34 required for it’s convening – and with most American states now totally, conveniently, bankrupt. Look at it this way: the Feds can not possibly bail out 50 states because they’ve already given all our money away – right? And we can’t pay taxes anyway because we have no jobs. Gosh…what can the Feds possibly do to rectify this horrible situation?

The current economic “crisis” is the tool, the highly planned and patient tool, to set up the global governing bureaucracy for real and for certain with the second convening of the Constitutional Convention in the wings. The big wigs tried it before in 1976, and they are trying again, but this time having manufactured national bankruptcy as public fear-based appeasement...


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Buchanan's cover between his own magazine's cover.



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