Friday, December 05, 2008

Minnesota Hand Recount to End Today

so what happened in the one county? Ramsey? First, 32 paper ballots weren't delivered on election day or evening before polls closed, and were counted 4 days later by whom? The election board? The precinct judges of election where they should have been counted? Election director? Were any challenged as ineligible? Over-voted? Under-voted?

And after the election and during the recount, the same county is suffering rumors another 155 or some amount have gone a missing?

Franken is frantic to have an investigation ensue of the missing ballots, including searching a church wherein the voting was conducted?

One thing about that state and county, there were a lot of polling places in churches.

What's up with that? There's no other central location in local polling districts that could be utilized for elections?

Time to consolidate those districts and move polling place locations from churches and bars and people's homes!

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