Sunday, December 07, 2008

Lease Ski Resort Get Millions to Run into Ground

When will the people of Pennsylvania revolt? Like the Whiskey Rebellion? Have people become so numbed by the billions the federal government spends and spends (borrowing from foreign governments because the country faces a huge deficit annually, in the trillions) that state spending seems like mere pennies from the taxpayers' of the state?

Enter the Laurel Mountain 'Park" Ski Area - a failure for some 50-years most likely because of nearby resorts that privately owned, operated more efficientely, and at a profit.

The Laurel Mountain complex had been donated decades ago to the state. In turn, the state leased the resort again and again, with Somerset Trust managing and the state continuously propped up the operation with more state monies. All for naught.

The 'Park' and Ski Area has been a failure. For at least 3 decades. There were a couple of years where the complex saw some activity, but those were years when there were unparalled snowfalls. In years where such was lacking, the Ski Area drew nobody to it.

Yet, the state may 'bargain' with Seven Springs, who now wishes to acquire a lease arrangement? Bargain to lease the resort to SS for pennies, meanwhile propping up the activities again and again with some oh my only $6.5 million? Of taxpayers monies, from somewhere, it is unclear where the millions will come from?

Are Pennsylvanians that oblivious to how their hard-earned money is being spent, and squandered?

Seven Springs Resort is perfectly capable to run its own operations a few miles from the Laurel Mountain Ski Resort. But now with the infusion of taxpayers' money it will continue to operation its own resort with the aid of taxpayers' money, and why should SS care if the LM Ski Resort fails yet again.

There is no incentive for SS to care since the taxpayers are not raising a ruckus.

When is enough, enough?

Make your voice heard. No more freebies, grants to Laurel Mountain Ski REsort via aid to Seven Springs. Close the place down. We don't need another White Elephant in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Seven Springs acquires Laurel's snow sports assets

Seven Springs Mountain Resort has completed a deal with Somerset Trust to acquire the snow sports assets of Laurel Mountain Ski Resort in Ligonier Township.

No price was revealed.

The trust company held the snow sports assets as a result of a foreclosure involving the former concessionaire of the 63-acre, state-owned ski area located on 64 acres within Laurel Mountain State Park along the Westmoreland and Somerset border.

The assets include a ski lodge, two chairlifts, snowmaking facilities, snow-grooming equipment and maintenance and storage buildings.

Skiing has not taken place at the site since the winter of 2004-2005

Seven Springs is in the midst of negotiating a deal with the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources on a long-term lease of the facility...

...Seven Springs' bargain with the state may eventually include a $6.5-million government grant. According to the resort's release announcing the deal with Somerset Trust,, "the (state) money is needed to restore the facilities on the mountain."

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