Sunday, November 05, 2006

Candidates must audit

Devvy Kidd
...Regarding research on the issue of vote fraud, at the bottom you will find the latest updates that should outrage every American regardless of your party preference. These elections are too important to the international banking cartel who own this country and run by the Council on Foreign Relations, to be left to the we the people. If you want your agenda to move forward, you make sure the puppets who will do your bidding remain in office or replace them with another puppet (to give the appearance of legitimacy to the election process) who will dance when you pull the strings....

... Audit the count

Every two years I encourage candidates to audit the count. Sadly, this seems to fall on deaf ears. But, perhaps with the massive exposure of vote fraud getting folks riled up, maybe these candidates will finally take my advice. What to look for? One of the biggest discrepancies I found both times I ran for Congress was the number of registered voters, how many voted and how many skipped voting for a congressional candidate. These numbers are just for the old 2nd Congressional District in No. California. These numbers are straight from the Secretary of State's "final" numbers:

Secretary of State's Voter Registration for 1994: Total registered voters: 332,755. Yet, when the dust settled, the numbers were: Voted (Sec of State only counted Rep, Dem, American Independent Party and Libertarian): 214,860. Difference: 117,895. Votes not cast for candidate: 8,355. Why did 8,335 people cast their votes for the other offices, but didn't vote for a congressional seat?

Same congressional district, 1996: Total registered voters: 267,581. Total votes all parties: 205,367. Not cast for a congressional seat: 10,185. Total votes all parties: 205,367. Difference 62,000. First, why the huge drop in voter registration from '94 to '96? Again, why did 10,185 people cast their votes for other offices, but didn't vote for a congressional seat? When you think about it, it simply doesn't make sense because electing someone to Congress is a very big deal. Last year I gave a speech on vote fraud in a lovely little town just South of Santa Cruz, California, one of the most beautiful areas on the coast you can ever imagine. (Of course, that early morning fog from the ocean wreaks havoc with your hair!) You can view this speech here (video); almost one full hour of provable vote fraud via electronic machines. Another question with no answer: How many illegals will vote again this election that destroys any real count for accuracy? I've written every election since 1994: We have no idea who is getting elected because of electronic voting machines and illegals voting; I predict Nov. 7th is going to be the biggest mess yet....

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