Friday, November 03, 2006

10,000 dead voters registered; ACORN registration fraud alleged

In Missouri... according to Fox News afternoon report.

scandal developing...

Deceased still on state's voting rolls

More than 10,000 deceased people are still registered to vote

Stealing Elections the Old Fashioned Way
Written by Dave Nalle
Published November 02, 2006

Part of On The Road To 2008
At a time when there's a great deal of concern over the vulnerability of electronic voting machines to potential fraud and manipulation, a group of Democratic voter recruiters working for ACORN have reminded us that some people are still trying to steal elections the old fashioned way.

On Wednesday, the US Attorney's office in Kansas City handed down indictments against four paid voter recruiters who were part of a project run by left-leaning advocacy groups Project Vote and the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), which had claimed to have registered 35,000 new voters in low income and minority neighborhoods in the Kansas City area in the past month.

It seems that they met their registration quota by filling out false registrations, registering people multiple times - one person was registered seven times - and registering dead people...

Allegations of fraud cloud ACORN voter drive again
By Jeremy Kohler

ST. LOUIS — The grass-roots political group ACORN became a player in U.S. politics by combing streets, signing new voters and giving a voice to the poor.

Thousands of people in the St. Louis area know ACORN workers as the visitors at the door reminding them to vote. The group is part of a coalition backing an increase in Missouri's minimum wage on the Nov. 7 ballot.

But the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now is becoming better known for accusations of voter fraud, a reputation it says is unfair.

The nonprofit group defends itself from similar allegations nearly every election. It's the same story this fall, with thousands of voter registrations turned in by ACORN coming under scrutiny in St. Louis, Denver, Philadelphia and Columbus, Ohio...

4 ACORN Workers Indicted in KC (voter fraud in Missouri)

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