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How Prevalent is Voter Fraud?; Will Dems Made Good Mideast Policy?
Aired November 7, 2006

If there is a clear case of fraud, great, let`s investigate it together. But unless it`s a clear-cut case, like Dick Cheney setting voting booths on fire or something like that, I don`t want to hear about it. Take your lumps and let`s move on. Americans need to unite and trust the system.

Now, here`s what I don`t know -- will any of us in the news media actually be able to go to sleep tonight, or is everybody going to be up all night recounting the votes and then counting the lawsuits?

John Fund, author of "Stealing Elections: How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy".

How late are we going to be up, John?

JOHN FUND, AUTHOR, "STEALING ELECTIONS": Actually, I think you can probably go to bed fairly early, because we won`t know a lot of results for a couple of days, maybe even weeks.

BECK: Oh, no. No, don`t say that. Actually, you know, and I have -- I have a system, and I have pretty much the results of the election now early on. We`ll tell you about that in a little while.

But you say the counting is going to take that long. Why?

FUND: Some states don`t begin to count the absentee ballots until this Thursday of this week. Maryland is an example. Twenty-five percent of Americans this year, Glenn, are voting early or absentee.

BECK: Yes.

FUND: An absentee ballot is a paper ballot.

BECK: Yes.

FUND: A lot of them come in by the mail in the last couple of days. That takes time to compare the signatures with the registration cards. I think we`re going to see, unless -- a lot of these close races not decided.

Oregon has only all-mail balloting. Washington state has been about 75 percent absentee.

BECK: Yes, I voted absentee in Connecticut.

Let me talk specifically about the way we do this. You know, I hate to bring us back to the Stone Age in the 12th Century, but I saw the most creative, most ingenious voting system of all time on television -- what was it, a couple years ago. The purple ink from the people in Iraq. And I saw that and I thought why don`t we do that?

FUND: A lot of countries do a much better job of monitoring their election integrity. Mexico, you get a hologram on a voter card. You have to show the voter card. It`s all computerized. They have many limits on absentee voting. Absentee voting does create a potential fraud problem.

A former Democratic congressman from Pennsylvania was convicted of voter fraud. He went into a nursing home a few years ago and he`d gotten Alzheimer`s patients to vote a certain way.

So, I think we are the sloppiest election system of any industrialized democracy. We try to improve a little bit after Florida, 2000. We haven`t done nearly enough. That`s why we may have election day tonight turn into election month, Glenn.

BECK: OK. To put this into perspective on how bad and out of control our system is -- and I don`t think the Republicans or the Democrats really want to fix it -- explain how many of the 9/11 hijackers were registered to vote.

FUND: Eight out of the 19 9/11 hijackers were registered to vote in either Virginia or Florida. They could have easily voted if they`d wanted to.

BECK: And how did they do that?

FUND: Well, we have something called the motor voter law. You can go into any government office building, any transaction you conduct with them, driver`s license, unemployment, whatever you get the check off, do you also want to register to vote?

All the registrations are on a postcard. There`s no question as to whether you`re a citizen. There`s not question as to whether or not you`re a real, live human being. You`re automatically registered.

Our registration rules have a lot of people on there who are dead, don`t exist or registered many times over.

BECK: I`m hearing in St. Louis that there is actually a dog that is registered?

FUND: Yes, the dog, Ricky, a schnauzer, by the way. And very strong political views I hear.

BECK: Sure. How did that even happen?

FUND: This is the problem. You mentioned ACORN. ACORN submitted 5,000 voter registration forms in St. Louis. The election officials saw a lot of them seemed suspect, so they mailed out letters to these people, these 5,000 supposed people and said if you`re a real person, please contact us. Glenn, only 40 out of 5,000 reported back and responded.

BECK: Why won`t we -- I heard Bill Clinton over the weekend say, you know, the Republicans want you to have, you know, 18 forms of identification and a doctorate to be able to vote. I just want a voter I.D. card. Why can`t we make that?

FUND: Well, 81 percent of Americans agree with you, including two- thirds of minorities, two-thirds of Democrats, two-thirds of liberals. It makes perfect sense.

Andrew Young says if anyone in America doesn`t have a photo I.D., they`re poor or they`re elderly of they`re shut in, let`s get them one, because you can`t really participate in American life without it. And he was a civil rights leader.

Voter I.D. makes sense. We need it to travel. We need it to go into a federal building. We need it to rent a video at Blockbuster. Why is it the only thing we don`t use photo I.D. for is to vote?

BECK: Because politicians want to keep the corruption going.

FUND: Remember, the current system, every politician in office was elected under the current system. That proves your point. They don`t want to change the system, because after all, they`re in office because of it.

BECK: John, thanks a lot.

Well, it looks like the new electronic voting system is a complete success. OK, not so much. But it gets worse from here.


Ky. Poll Worker Charged With Assault
Nov 07 3:32 PM US/Eastern

In Pennsylvania, a would-be voter was arrested at a polling place in Allentown, where election workers said he smashed an electronic voting machine with a paperweight.

Authorities didn't know what caused the outburst. "He came in here very peaceably and showed his ID, then he got on the machine and just snapped," volunteer Gladys Pezoldt told The Morning Call of Allentown.

The machine's screen was damaged and it was not immediately clear if votes recorded on the machine could be retrieved. Police said the man faced charges of felony criminal mischief and tampering with voting machines.


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