Friday, November 10, 2006

Move on... nothing to investigate... election-theft-prevention measures were employed across the nation this November election day by Democrats so nothing happened that would have happened had the Democrats not been watching... at least, nothing happened that prevented the Democrats from winning the House of Representatives and Senate... so... move on... nothing to investigate...

That the well-oiled, well-funded Rove/Bush theft machine lost control of the US House with the Senate as close as it is says just one thing: somebody was watching. In 2006, that would be thousands of volunteer grassroots activists who left no stone unturned to expose rigged voting machines, Jim Crow registration roadblocks, trashed provisional ballots, manipulated absentee voting processes, and much more.

... there were no suspicious voting machine breakdowns and malfunctions (read rigged voting machines) in Republican areas across the nation on Election Day 2006. Really, there weren't. Any such breakdowns and malfunctions were not rigged... such breakdowns and malfunctions are only rigged in Democrat areas, or when Democrats use the electronic voting systems...

Twenty electronic voting machines were removed from polling places across Allegheny County yesterday morning because of technical glitches, and a polling site in Monroeville resorted to paper ballots for 45 minutes, elections officials said.

Yep, those twenty electronic voting machines didn't happen because the Democrats were watching, everywhere. But wait, that did happen, but must not have happened when Democrats were voting since there were lots of Democrat grassroots activists watching who prevented any Republican thievery from happening. So those 20 electronic voting machine breakdowns happened and different electronic voting machines were trucked in, but that's ok, those voting machines passed all prior inspections and were fraud free because the Democrats were watching, and won.

The Monroeville polling site that resorted to paper ballots for 45 minutes, why there were no Republicans voting there at the time... there were no Republicans voting there at the time because rigged voting machines only affect Democrats.

In Pennsylvania, in 27 counties, there were no votes transposed from the Republican columns to the Democrat columns. The allegations of such are just simply, "political shenanigans."

When votes are transposed from Democrat columns to Republican columns, that's believable, that happened, that was evidence of rigged voting machines.

There were no paper jams in optical scan (paper ballot) equipment used in Pennsylvania when Republicans used them, only when Democrats used them. Oh wait, not even when Democrats used them because Democrats were watching so they prevented fraud which would have occurred if they were not watching.

Right, that incident in one win-tire county wherein the wrong programmed "software" date (pre-election day date) caused machines to shut down, why that happened only when Democrats were standing in line, Republicans hadn't yet shown up to vote cause they were told to vote later in the day... nothing here...

But wait, that couldn't have affected any Democrat votes because the Democrats won.
move on... to an election where the Democrats "win" by employing workable anti-Republican-theft-prevention-measures.

Right, just ignore the reports of electronic voting machine breakdowns across the country, why even if those happened, they weren't rigged to cause Democrats to lose because Democrats won.

Polls were ordered to remain open an extra hour in Lebanon and Lancaster counties because of glitches with the electronic machines.

Right, since Democrats won, there is nothing at all to see here, move on, nothing to investigate.

There is no way the 2006 election would not have been stolen without a concerted 50-state effort to guarantee otherwise

Right. This mid-term election was not stolen because the Democrats won.

It just isn't possible that the Democrats won because voting machine breakdowns and subsequent replacement of voting machines (with other voting machines) were rigged to enable Democrats TO WIN.

We've warned of the larger conspiracy - though we predicted the Democrats would not win either the House or Senate because the grand design was for their loss at this time.

Really thought the loss would precipitate such outrage going into 2008, such a fuss by Democrats of another stolen election, the Democrats would be assured the Presidency and all of Congress by a historically solid wide margin in 2008 that Republicans would never ever win another election no matter what happened when Democrats were allowed to seemingly control America.

Don't believe in the grand conspiracy? That is: powerful group controls more than you think...

Watch for candidates nominated for President and Vice President in 2008 and whether they are members of the Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderbergers, or Trilateral Commission. (George W. Bush and John F. Kerry remain life-long members of Skull and Bones, by the way, and both remain silent about it cause they are told not to talk about it - imagine - President held to an oath which may conflict with the oath of his/her office.)

ok maybe the candidate's wife being a member is good enough.

Candidates to watch for:

Hillary Clinton (Bilderberger)

Rudolph Giuliani (Trilateral Commission?)

There is no difference in the parties at the national level. They both stand for 2 things:

remaining in power and an ever increasing nanny state

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