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Mo McGowan: Nobody likes Airport Scanners 4th Amendment Violation But

Mo McGowan speaking on Fox News this morning and asked about the full body scanners and pat downs mandated by the federal government to be used at airports which some are criticizing and in some cases refusing to comply responded:

"Nobody likes their 4th Amendment Rights Violated going through a security line, but the truth is we have to do it... wouldn't you want your children and grandchildren protected by using this and other means necessary to thwart attack..."

see Fox video of interview with McGowan

November 15, 2010

Backlash Against Airport Body Scans
Traveler records confrontation after he refused full body scan and pat down

Ah yes. Use the safety of our children and grandchildren to sell this travesty to what the Founding Framers of the United States Constitution intended.

Worse, McGowan admits our 4th Amendment rights exist and are thus violated by the full body scanners and the pat-downs.

Meanwhile, making the rounds of some news programs, a potential traveler refuses the full body scan with the words: "I don't think so..."

Fox News video report clip of traveler who used cell phone to record encounter

November 15, 2010

National Debate Over Full-Body Scanners
Travelers' group calls for boycott of airport scanners

Here's the story from anonymous posting at johnnyedge.blogspot

California man confronting procedures records on cellphone beware graphic

November 15, 2010

Backlash Against Airport Body Scans
Traveler records confrontation after he refused full body scan and pat down

Lew Rockwell's blog notes a contribution entitled:

The Porno Scanner-Spangled Banner
Posted by Lew Rockwell on November 8, 2010 09:01 AM
Writes Robert Frasconi

Graphic descriptions beware but be wary of hands=on pat-downs

Daedalus Shrugged
by William Norman Grigg

Meanwhile, a Reuters poll on the issue reveals an astonishing 2 percent of respondents think these extreme measures are just A OK and necessary and are not affecting personal flight plans.

Are new security screenings affecting your decision to fly?
Nov 12, 2010 13:02 EST

98 percent think the measures are not OK, while another 2 percent are well just the undecideds.

What can we do? Apparently, nothing, as parents are willing to subject their own children to the concept of governmental Authority rules, even when your rights are violated by such. Imagine the children of the future after a few years of this.

Stand there. Raise your hands up high. Bend over. Lift up your leg. Lift up your other leg. All under the absolutely ignorant gaze of parent puppets, and people like Mo McGowen with excuse after excuse as to why the government must do this to save you and protect you.

We're not buying it. Neither should the other air travelers.

All it would take is one day of full non-compliance by ticket holders who in tandem stand and refuse to be scanned or patted down. Make a daisy chain holding hands around the entirety of the airport in every single airport in the country and refuse to be subjected to this violation of your 4th Amendment rights. Turned away from flight. Do so. Stand in lines to submit a complaint and try to obtain a refund. If you are refused a refund, hold onto your ticket and exit the airport all at the same time in a single orderly file.

Imagine thousands of ticket-holding customers all sending in a photocopy of tickets, and demanding a full refund from the airlines.

When that is not forthcoming, find a freedom-loving attorney somewhere in this country who will take the case on.


We've heard some like Bill O'Reilly guest Laura Ingraham exclaim flying is not a right, it's a privilege.

She should talk to Mo McGowan who at least has admitted the airport full body scans and pat-downs are a violation of the constitutional 4th Amendment rights of travelers.

Fox is also reporting there is a website devoted to a day before Thanksgiving opt out. but unfortunately the only thing suggested to opt out of is the full body scan!

Can you believe that. OK opt into the pat-down, dummies. You can still travel, raise a little protest by making things go a bit slower, but you can still get to travel = yes you can...

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