Sunday, November 07, 2010

Beck Still Claiming Global Currency New World Order Not A Conspiracy

We're nearly speechless. A while back, Glenn Beck had Damon Vickers explaining to him how when things go downhill, albeit slowly, there will come a time when the international solution to the global financial 'crisis' will be: a global currency and a new world order ...

the pair even laughed as Beck brought up a question about conspiracy... uh No explained Vickers. Beck laughed all the way through...

Now Beck's 11/05/2010 program he's tagged the 15-Day Decline in the Dollar experts include Damon Vickers and ... Brad Thor...

The trio are laughing as Beck mentions again his question about a conspiracy, and his denial he believes there is any conspiracy.

Oh no, of course not the two guest experts plugging their books respond in unison.

Beck notes again, for his oh so walking-dead live audience, no conspiracy, "I believe these people..." - don't rise up in a united gasp audience... don't object when Beck states his belief:

"these people believe they're doing the RIGHT THING."

Sure Beck. Because you cannot 'connect the dots' to a specific political side you do not favor, say Marxist supporters you find among the policy-makers in the Obama Administration, because all in Congress (with the exception of Ron Paul), and a specific current President of the United States and all former Presidents have supported this madness, it is best not to admit there's been a conspiracy and every single federal office-holder who's supported the Federal Reserve system has been a part of it.

Beck's guest Brad Thor has a novel to plug The Athena Project. According to Beck's plug of the author, Thor was a former Think Tanker. Right audience, just clap.

Now how can Brad Thor sit there and talk about anarchists and revolutionaries as the haha bad guys... but no, the (known) manipulators of the U.S. financial system they are not the bad guys.

There's nobody behind the curtain, according to Beck, no real conspiracy HAHAHA to bring us into a New World Order, uhuh, look all around that curtain, Beck audience, don't open it all the way, even though you see a pair of shoes, and is that laughter you hear, it's nobody.

Thank you to Logistics Monster. Here is the complete Nov. 5, 2010 video of Glenn Beck's program the 15-Day Decline in the Dollar...

review Beck accepting Damon Vickers offering again... what we need and what is coming to fix the global financial crisis is New World Order...

but listen carefully to Beck, it's ok as long as it doesn't come from the "government..."

There goes Damon Vickers again... let's try a new twist... this will be a 'community' thing... all we have is "faith, courage, love," and oh yes, Beck emphatically agrees with t-h-a-t... what is coming is profound either profound darkness or profound wonder-ful-ness, exclaims Beck...

And the audience just claps and claps and claps.

Right, as long as the currency for the world has the words In God We Trust (maybe it will even in some way partially be backed by gold), believers, there is no darkness.

It's all profound wonder-ful-ness.

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