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Glenn Beck Soros Focus Neglects Trilateralists

We don't know the facts and can never conduct the kind of research to find the facts concerning Glenn Beck's recent charges that when a teen and a Hungarian Jew himself, George Soros in some way sent Jews to their deaths...

Other quarters have raised concerns about Beck's facts in that regard, and we post those for informational purposes.

Libertarian Reason magazine joins growing chorus condeming Beck's Soros attacks November 14, 2010 4:59 pm ET by Justin Berrier

Beck's three-day attack on Jewish financier George Soros has been widely criticized by Jewish leaders, Holocaust survivors and, most recently, Commentary magazine which describes itself as "the flagship of neoconservatism." Critics have been particularly concerned with Beck's false smears related to Soros' actions as a 14-year-old Hungarian Jew during the Holocaust. Beck suggested that Soros was a Holocaust collaborator, even going so far as to suggest that Soros helped "send the Jews" to "death camps."


We've viewed Beck's coverage the last few days, and found while the focus on Soros or anyone of his power is certainly welcome, Beck totally neglects more long-standing interconnections of powerful people with suspect goals such as those known as the Trilateralists.

Surely Beck's studies aren't so narrow as to leave out an entire line of inquiry that leads pretty conclusively to the likes of:

David Rockefeller
Zbigniew Brzezinski

The Trilateral Commission: Usurping Sovereignty
By Patrick Wood


We can't help but wonder why Glenn Beck has to date not made these powerhouses the focus of even a one-day inspection of interconnections and activities with a bent to not only trash the sovereignty of the United States as a "nation" but also create a new world order?

A quick review of the conclusion in The Trilateral Commission: Usurping Sovereignty
By Patrick Wood should have already been highlighted by Beck on his mission to provide information viewers can use.


It is clear that the Executive Branch of the U.S. was literally hijacked in 1976 by members of the Trilateral Commission, upon the election of President Jimmy Carter and Vice-President Walter Mondale. This near-absolute domination, especially in the areas of trade, banking, economics and foreign policy, has continued unchallenged and unabated to the present.

Windfall profits have accrued to interests associated with the Trilateral Commission, but
the effect of their “New International Economic Order” on the U.S. has been nothing less than devastating. (See America Plundered by the Global Elite for a more detailed analysis)

The philosophical underpinnings of the Trilateral Commission are pro-Marxist and pro-socialist. They are solidly set against the concept of the nation-state and in particular, the Constitution of the United States. Thus, national sovereignty must be diminished and then abolished altogether in order to make way for the New World Order that will be governed by an unelected global elite with their self-created legal framework.

If you are having negative sentiment against Trilateral-style globalization, you are not alone. A 2007 Financial Times/Harris poll revealed that less than 20 percent of people in six industrialized countries (including the U.S.) believe that globalization is good for their country while over 50 percent are outright negative towards it.21 (See Global Backlash Against Globalization?) While citizens around the world are feeling the pain of globalization, few understand why it is happening and hence, they have no effective strategy to counter it.

The American public has never, ever conceived that such forces would align themselves so successfully against freedom and liberty. Yet, the evidence is clear: Steerage of America has long since fallen into the hands of an actively hostile enemy that intends to remove all vestiges of the very things that made us the greatest nation in the history of mankind.


We can't help but wonder why Beck hasn't outed other noted globalists than Soros as authors have and when will Beck's viewers hold him accountable for missing informative pieces such as from the August Review.

It's about time they did.

The Global Elite: Who are they?

...This report will attempt to identify and label the core players in the globalization process. The intent is to show the makeup and pattern of the core, not to list every person in it. Nevertheless, many people will be named and their associations and connections revealed. This is done for two reasons.

First, it will equip the reader be able to accurately identify other core players as they are brought into focus. Secondly, the reader will be able to pass over minor players who may sound like "big fish" but in fact are only pedestrians.


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