Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fed Stimulus Funded Chertoff Group Full Body Scanners

Well there was a "shovel" ready project ready and able to be carried out with the federal stimulus money. Full of it, right.

And why no investigation of Michael Chertoff?

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Biochemist, Pilots, Passengers Backlash against Naked Body Scans
By Teresa Knudsen
Last Updated Nov 14, 2010, Published Nov 13, 2010

Body Scanners Deployment in Airports

After the failed bombing attempt on Christmas, former head of the Department of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff, outlined his solution to possible similar bombing. Chertoff advised that the U. S. government purchase hundred of body scan machines from a company he now represents as CEO of the Chertoff Group.
The U.S. government used funds marked to help Americans receive an economic stimulus, and instead placed machines and staff that require air passengers to surrender their 4th Amendment rights and endure a virtual strip search from machines that deliver an unknown radiation experiment. Then, the passengers can be groped on breasts and genital areas by Transportation Security Administration staff. The TSA is now groping men, women, tweens, children, toddlers and babies, as well as elderly people...

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Also note post by guest

James Babb & George Donnelly have started a campaign to protest the Naked Body Scanners. They will be joining Freedomizer Radio ( today November 16th to talk about November 24th, which will be "National Opt Out Day" & why everyone flying on this day should Opt Out of going through the naked body scanner

Read more at Suite101: Biochemist, Pilots, Passengers Backlash against Naked Body Scans


US Opt Out Day could cause widespread travel delays
by Jessica MCILHINNEY on November 16, 2010

Grassroots organisation ‘We Won’t Fly’ is encouraging US travellers to refuse full body scans at airports beginning next week, as several pro-consumer groups protest the use of such security measures.

As next week begins the busiest travel season of the year, widespread delays could be seen as travellers opt out of scans. November 24 has been designated by ‘We Won’t Fly’ as National Opt Out of the Airport Scanners Day in order to draw attention to the campaign against, what consumer groups, have called a threat to ‘health and privacy’.

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