Friday, November 05, 2010

Dollar Value Decrease = Happy U.S.A., Right?

MSNBC guest economists discussed the recent action taken by Ben Bernacke... one noted a goal was to spur U.S. exports to foreign countries and by the value of the dollar decreasing more such products/exports would be 'affordable...'

Uh uh.

a must read here at Net the Truth Online. We really want to "know" the truth, no matter what the truth shows.

Re: The Federal Reserve
Zeitgeist provides a condemnation of central banks in general, as of the Federal Reserve in particular. The Federal Reserve is portrayed as the product of a broad conspiracy, and that it is run for massive profits by secret owners. It is a mixture of fact, fiction, and insinuation.

Web Skeptic has addressed this part of the film point-by-point because there does not seem to be any other such comprehensive analysis of this section of the film on the web.

Some items of note...

Mike Whitney: Dollar in the Dustbin

QE2 and Last Rites for the World's Reserve Currency
Dollar in the Dustbin

Millions of Americans have no idea what Quantitative Easing is or how it will effect them personally. That's why Wednesday's announcement that the Fed will purchase another $600 billion in US Treasuries merely reinforced feelings of helplessness and a sense that government spending is out-of-control. Unfortunately, Ben Bernanke's rambling explanation of QE2 in a Washington Post op-ed on Thursday only added to the confusion. The article is loaded with half-truths and omissions that are meant to mislead the public about how the program works and what the Fed's real objectives are. It's another missed opportunity by Bernanke to come clean with the people and let them know what policies are being enacted in their name...

9 Reasons Why Quantitative Easing Is Bad For The U.S. Economy

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