Friday, November 12, 2010

Lou Dobbs Fox Business Network Show Truth Be Told?

Who didn't know this was coming? Interesting. Maybe he'll team up with Sarah Palin a couple of times and not refrain from showing her in her true light as everybody else at Fox just tippy toes around her and her lack of knowledge about much. For instance, Judge Napolitano will interview Palin on his weekly and nightly program.

We have no reason to believe Napolitano will hold Palin accountable for her lack of Constititional knowledge.

John Stossel obviously won't chance having Palin on his program as he'd annihilate her on hundreds of issues.

Dobbs has a multi-year contract now, and an opportunity to bring truth out the truth, starting with Palin, and right on to everything and everyone else.

Net the Truth Online

Former CNNer Lou Dobbs Signs Multi-Year Contract With Fox Business Network
by Hillary Busis | 1:47 pm, November 10th, 2010

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