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election fraud

It happens... election fraud, and here is what happened in response to what happened in a past election.

The Connecticut Election Fraud.


The course taken by the Democratic members of the Connecticut Legislature last Wednesday, affords a striking illustration of the natural sympathy that appears everywhere to exist in these days between a large section of Democracy and fraud.

But nope, not widespread in 2010. Give US a break.

election fraud 2010 style - is not enough to force investigations of voter registries, paper ballots without optical scanners, districts that have more reported as voting than registered in a district, and so on and so forth. Just not enough because Secretary of State appointments are more important and what SoS says in the end, is official, well, that is official and the end.

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Foley concedes defeat, but GOP wants probe of Bridgeport vote
Ken Dixon, Staff Writer
Published: 11:55 p.m., Monday, November 8, 2010

Tom Foley abandoned any legal challenge Monday of his 5,810-vote loss in the governor's race, saying that while election irregularities were rampant in Bridgeport an appeal wouldn't overturn Dan Malloy's "conclusive" gubernatorial victory.

In a low-key, gracious valedictory session with reporters, the Greenwich Republican said that after meeting all weekend with his legal team and reviewing a variety of Election Day problems town by town, there was "no credible evidence" of fraudulent voting.

But the concession six days after the election did not stop Chris Healy, chairman of the Republican State Central Committee, from filing requests for investigations on Monday with the U.S. Department of Justice and the office of the Chief State's Attorney.

Bridgeport Connecticut: Video From The Polls

So many things went so wrong.

Mayor Jason McCoy has obtained a video that was taken inside a polling place in Bridgeport and shows a poll watcher warning a poll worker not to mix unofficial ballots with official ballots. She ignores him and he is escorted away.
There are additional charges:

* Some voters were given more than one ballot
* Other voters were not checked off on the registration list
* Some voters were never asked for IDs

Vernon's McCoy Says Video Shows Bridgeport Election Official Refusing To Follow Law
November 05, 2010|By DAVID OWENS

Vernon Mayor Jason L. McCoy, a Republican who worked as a poll monitor in Tuesday's election, said he saw questionable conduct on the part of Bridgeport election officials, although he said the conduct in many cases appeared to be unintentional.

In one instance he shot video of an election worker not counting ballots before putting them in a bag. McCoy said he was urging the woman to count them before placing them in the bag.

Another man, whose name McCoy said he did not know, yelled at the woman to count the ballots.

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Bag of Uncounted Ballots Found in Bridgeport

How Republican Gov. candidate Foley could ever concede amid such reports of a bag of ballots being found after the election and uncounted is beyond our comprehension.
Foley should never concede. Unfortunately, he may not be able to obtain a recount or any investigation of what happened in Bridgeport and other areas where voter registration favors Democrat numbers. Worse still is the extension of voting hours in this same voting district for some couple of hours after the official time for polls to close there. And to add to the confusion, it is unclear whether the list of voters who signed in is a complete list of those who cast the paper ballots during the 2-hour extension period.

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Bridgeport ballots counted; Malloy wins
Brittany Lyte, Ken Dixon And Timothy Loh, Staff Writers
Published: 10:46 a.m., Friday, November 5, 2010

...The vote totals posted earlier on the secretary of the state's website, which include totals for all of the state's municipalities except Bridgeport, showed that Foley led Malloy, 556,787 to 548,378.

A Foley campaign representative who sat in on the overnight counting, noted that the Bridgeport tallies had changed during the tally process.

"We think the tallying process was flawed," said Chris Covucci, a state field director for the Foley campaign. "It's inaccurate to say that this is the final number."

An ovenlike yellow lunch room inside the Registrar of Voters office was the site of the three-day vote count, and recount, that launched at midnight after Election Day.

A bag of uncounted ballots found in McLevy Hall earlier had plunged the already chaotic governor's election into further confusion, prompted a new round of political accusations and delayed until Friday the expected announcement from state officials that Malloy had triumphed.

Miffed is an understatement for Bridgeport's election performance
Published: 11:09 p.m., Thursday, November 4, 2010

And what is going on currently as of November 3, 2010?

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Connecticut Governor Race: Integrity Issues

November 4, 2010?

Recount may loom amid confusion in Connecticut governor race CS Monitor
The secretary of state declared Democrat Dan Malloy the winner Wednesday in the Connecticut governor race, before the release of official numbers. Republican Tom Foley says his own tally puts him ahead

Foley not conceding Conn. governor's race
Published: Thursday, November 04, 2010

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Foley: Show Me The Numbers
by Paul Bass | Nov 3, 2010 1:51 pm

Foley Asks Bysiewicz To Hold Off On Calling Election Results 'Official' - Controversy Continues
November 04, 2010|By CHRISTOPHER KEATING, The Hartford CourantJustin Clark, the campaign manager for Tom Foley, is asking that Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz refrain from calling any election results "official'' today in the governor's race.

"Tom Foley contacted the Secretary of the State's office this morning to request that any further announcements of election results for the governor's race be postponed until the results are certain and discrepancies between The Secretary of the State's office, the Tom Foley for Governor campaign, and the media, are reconciled,'' Clark said early this afternoon.

"In the last 24 hours alone, Bridgeport has revised downward the number of votes cast for Dan Malloy by over 3,500,'' he continued. "Other cities and towns are likely to revise their results in the days ahead. We understand that Susan Bysiewicz plans to announce this afternoon that their results of the gubernatorial election are official. We have sent the Secretary of the State's office a letter requesting that she not refer to her preliminary results of the election as "official" until the results are unlikely to be amended.''

AOL Message Board regarding Governor's race in Connecticut


Fox News reports Sec. of State of Connecticut has pushed back the press conference to 3 PM EST.

New Haven Votes Could Push Malloy Over The Top In Governor's Race

1:12 p.m. EDT, November 4, 2010


Malloy was declared the winner of the governor's race Wednesday by Bysiewicz, but the Florida-style election is not over: Foley not only refused to concede Wednesday, he claimed victory.

Bysiewicz said Wednesday that Malloy won by an unofficial margin of 3,100 votes.

Wednesday evening, the Associated Press — which had called the race for Malloy — withdrew its call. It reported that only about 9,000 votes had been cast in New Haven, and its vote count showed Foley with a lead of 8,424 votes over Malloy with all but 1.5 percent of the precincts counted.

But Thursday morning, vote totals posted online by the AP mirrored the numbers reported by the New Haven Registrar of Voters.

The AP's online totals now show Malloy winning the race by 6,240 votes, with all but 10 precincts in Bridgeport reporting.

"Out of an abundance of caution, we're just waiting" to call the race, said William J. Kole, AP's New England bureau chief, shortly before 12:30 p.m. Thursday. "We are looking at whether we want to call it back for Malloy."

AP "un-called" the race Wednesday night because they realized they were missing vote counts, Kole said. Votes were missing from both New Haven and Bridgeport, and Windham also hadn't reported all of its votes until Thursday morning, Kole said.

Fifteen of 25 precincts in Bridgeport still haven't reported totals, he said.

"We just didn't have the numbers," Kole said. "It didn't make sense to say Malloy won it slightly."

At one point, AP mistakenly thought it had 100 percent of the votes cast in New Haven, he said.

AP had called the race for Malloy in the first place "largely because of the secretary of state saying he won," he said.,0,7073133.story

discussion following article


...Democrat Dan Malloy, the former mayor of Stamford, was declared the unofficial winner over Republican Tom Foley in the race for Connecticut governor as the two sides sparred over election results. Foley refused to concede.

Connecticut Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz said today that Malloy won, based on unofficial results that show him leading Foley by about 3,000 votes with almost all the ballots counted. It will take about a week to certify the ballots, said Av Harris, a spokesman for Bysiewicz. If the final margin is less than 2,000 votes, a recount is mandatory, Harris said.

Fox News to have a report live soon reportedly with the Connecticut Secretary of State press conference amid allegations of voter fraud ...

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